"Just Married"

"Just Married" signs are so 

wonderful to be seen 

on the back of a car

speeding down the highway

to a destination 

unknown by onlookers. 

The direction only to be determined 

by those within the confines 

of the moving metal box

guided by both the confines and freedoms of marriage. 

Straight from the wedding:

so many tissues at the ceremony, 

empty glasses at the reception,

smears of frosting on the clothes 

they might never wear again. 

Smiled cut thtough tears 

that can only been seen as joyful

as the car speeds down the road

on the way to the honeymoon

chosen by those in the confines of the moving metal box. 

The moving metal box 

speeding down the highway. 

Everything inside is what matters

to the new wife, 

to the new husband, 

to the highway, 

to the end of the road,

and the paint on the back window tells the reason why. 

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Our world
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