Hera the "Bad Guy"


So I'm the bad guy?

The loyal wife?

The woman you promised

you'd love for life?

If I'm the bad guy,

then what would you be?

An unfaithful husband,

who gets and rocks off with someone else

who isn't me?

But oh I'm the bad guy,

since I'm having a cow,

because you're screwing that hefer Io,

and I'm supposed to forgive you somehow?

Wow, I'm the bad guy,

while you've fathered other children

than the ones that I've given,

and I can't be bitter

when you're out lying with her?


I guess I'm the bad guy,

because I'll peel away their happy that should have been mine

and if punishing those theives really is a crime then yes,

I'm the bad guy.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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