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Marriage is tuff with good and bad days.

Marriage takes work but it starts with someone whos willing to stay.

When we get into a fight we fail to believe.

We think it's easier to pack our stuff and leave.

But you can't just turn you back and run.

Not only are you turning your back on your wife but your daughter and son.

Running is not the answer, just brings more hurt.

Cause whether your in this relation or another problems will still occur.

Remembered you vowed through the thick and the thin.

Any problems your having you need to stick together and mend.

Devastation occur and the person you were going to leave.

Is the only person that's there for you to help you will all your needs.

Love is always tested when your enduring trials.

Your spouse love is showed when their willing to go that extra mile.

It takes a man and wife to make a house a home.

GOD made women so men would not be alone.

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