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When I tell you I love you, Do not be taken aback by my sincerity Do not mistake the passion on my tongue for malice The fiery flick of a candle A forest fire in a distant dream
You will know I love you when my eyes can’t stand to glance away from your face   You will know I love you when I laugh even at the smallest quip to cross your lips  
Did not seek my consent Had me with no bit of sense Then I grew, I got a mind Was it a good thing to find Grateful for the smiles But scared for when I die Would U judge me cause I know
I know why the willow grows. It grows for a life it yearns to know. It grows for you. It grows for me. It grows so tall for all to see. The willow grows because it can because no one told it that it can’t.
Do you know?   Do you know what happens to a fish without water? Do you know what happens to a fire without air? Do you know what happens to the trees without sun?
whispering Secrets are Second only to staying quiet. Muffled screams from a Muzzle with my prints. the door was Closed behind me
If You Know Thyself  then you know the world    Motivated by madness  and driven by desire, dive into the pool of passion  and swim deep as you can.    If You Know Thyself 
                                  Knowing by Janet A.
i look inside myself, i found a stranger i look out to my mirror and i found a stranger i looked into a window i found lots of strangers i looked out to the classroom door
Sink Sink without a blink Drink. Drink from my breast. The milk to make you forget that you have been hoodwinked. Think. Think? Now you know better boy
I hope you realize how much you mean to me, regardless of where a relationship between us stands. I hope you know that you make my day. Even when I fell like the world around me is falling apart,
Dear past me,               He told you, so you thought               “I'm not good enough”               She said so, so you thought               “I look too fat in this dress”
People say when you miss someone To go look outside at the stars and moon To then take comfort in knowing that even in the distance between you They could be looking up too The view is shared with others
Two people.  Two very different people suddenly meet. One and the other see each other and finally make a conversation. It goes W E L L at least for one
Truth is not what is seen by eye but rather what is shown to be. Many have died so others could speak both good or bad, silent or loud. The world has never known such land as these United States have been.
What would you know, About me and my plight? Have you heard me scream for dear life? Have you seen my inability to talk, Incapable of expressing myself, Unless it is by paper, by words.
Society. Supposed being. Supposed way. Action. Expectation, Contemplation,  Judgement, Wall.
I know you very well
No: life isn't horrible. No: life isn't terrible  or terrifying. No: I cannot stand silent anymore. Yes: I will stand up for  what I know is true  and right. I may be only one voice.
I do not struggle with fear  nor do I struggle with money nor do I struggle for power  to me this thing are meaningless  what I and all of humanity is struggling for
Get to walking Not a lot of talking Around these students, education roams The most connected of all domes Emory aren't we saying we are connected as a community
I am not the one who can walk into a room and be the center of attention I am not the one who will be voted as prom queen I am not the one who was born with a silver spoon I am not the one who is seemingly perfect
You know I wrote a whole poem not more than two seconds ago what a shame I let it go i wish I could rewrite it
When the clouds roll in, thats when the fun begins Drops of silver falling from the sky, sit on the porch and watch the storm roll by Think of life and all its trials, think of hate and all my rivals
My mind is a mess I tell myself To take action    I know what I want I see it right there But I need to do something   I want to lock Myself in a white room
Today is the day I will be heard Today I will emerge out of this shyness I will let the world know I no longer will stand injustice!   Today is the day I will be heard Today I will say
Not many know me Nor do they know my past Naive describes those who know only my top layer But when one comes truely When one comes with respect They will come to love me as I will to them
I feel I feel poetry I feel the softness of it I feel the anger round it I feel poetry I feel   I see I see poetry I see the words on paper I see the ink on white
It's hard to explain feelings To someone who hasnt experienced them. It's hard to explain what silence sounds like Without having first heard a sound. All of these feelings we try to disguise,
I think you think that you know me/but I'm sit'n in the car with the engine running/could this be over before it breaks?/sappier than a Romeo and Juliet/let's look down & to the side/figured me out like a jigsaw puzzle/the pieces soggy with t
I feel as if, if I let a tear drop my body would erratically shatter. To bite the bitterness away with coldness. To repress the said with utter and complete numbness. To shiver away the sense of alone. To drift off and never return.
Where did we learn how to talk? Did adam and eve just know words, and how to walk? How did we know we need to eat? Just out of the blue we began to crave meat? How did we know to sleep at night? Was it because we could only see with light? Why is
I know what you think of me, I don't care. You see who I am, you don't know. She really cares about me, she can't feel. He feels the way I feel, He doesn't hear.
I walk into class with a smile on my face. I take my work complete it and get an A. Although I seem like a normal student there will always be things you dont know. You don't know I'm gay in a family of religious freaks
We are undefined by words alone, the ones who stand, the rolling stones. They will say stand out in a crowd and try something newBut heaven forbid that you actually do.
From day one we learn We see the faces, hear the voices School, as we grow  Lessons, every year One thing we always gather WORDS From the voices From our teachers From our lessons
She's alone in the dark with no one to speak to, with no one to hold her, no one to show her love.   Not a sound comes in or out but this little girl's voice crying out for help 
Oh ruined labyrinth, your stone walls do evict our Grass. The days of labor and loathing seep into the roots of life! The Sky, she cries with her soul tainted from the waste of men,
Imagine standing on greatness The world is wild but you will find a way to tame it Be shameless, cause it's only those that are crazy enough to believe they can change things That end up famous
I never know what choice to make, Be it right, be it wrong. I never know which road to take, Be it right, be it left. I never know what to do, Be it this or be it that. I never know who to trust,
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