Wondering Why

She's alone in the dark

with no one to speak to,

with no one to hold her,

no one to show her love.


Not a sound comes in or out

but this little girl's voice

crying out for help 

she's crying out for help 


She asked why, why, why

is this happening to her

Why isn't any one answering her cries

Why is she here if her appearance

doesn't even exisit?


Tears of pain and sorrow 

drips down from her cheeks.

She tries to speak out but

everytime she does, everyone

just turns their back and block their ears

No one seemed to care.


She would try to be brave and

put a smile on that face

but she knows she is only going 

through life wearing a mask of lies.

Cause no one knows what she has gone through

or why she had to.


When they look at her, they see

everything is fine but what they don't know is

What's being hidden beind the curtains

laies what words can not even be describe

On the outside, she seems to have it

all together but in reallity she is broken inside, falling a part


And when I took one last look

at her- staring in those eyes of hers-

I soon relies that, that little girl I'm straing at

is nothing but a reflection of me 

crying inside......Wondering WHY?! 


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