Knowing by Janet A.Wilson

                                  Knowing by Janet A. Wilson Friendship is instant;Falling in love is mostly from a distance to be united in an instance,Believing in oeself no matter the temptation of the rapture,God and the wonders of love in the human race,There is goodness and beauty in everyone, The season changes everywhere,Instantly, there'll be changes somewhere for you and me,There is hope for all things needed and unseen,Have faith and be aware, there is more goodness in the world and forgiveness. These are only the beggining of living in Gods fear..

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world



Women by Janet A. Wilson               Women were not created for another to "Control" but for sharing possibilities,                                       Likeness, and success in love, aiding others in all matters upon request at our very best.                       Wives and Husbands are not subdued to each other needs and urges, but existing subdued united  by God Almighty as Almighty as one is a mystery unknown to man... the power of unbreakable it is in God's plans.Women are "birthing channels" there is no equality none.Leadership qualities we exude to rule is as natural as motherhood to nurture; to be in comfort in our homes or in combat out on the field in love.We are Women there is none to compare. Women Life for Men existence.                                                                                                         

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