thinking out loud

I know you very well

Know you very well

i kNow you listen

i knOw you watch to time the steps you take

knoW You're ambitiOUs

and when motivation is making its escape


i know you well

i know you're conscious

i know your subconscious

i know your conscience

i know you haVe a daily conference with yourself

evEn if only to confirm your sanity


know you veRy well

i know you worrY

i knoW you'rE a dreamer and they're very vivid

that you're not scared to go and get it

i know you want to Live it

know that Look when you're livid

i know you very well

so well


I know you well

i Know that look in your eye

i know what you meaN when you ramble

knOw your jokes are sometimes very truthful

and that they call it sarcasm or facetiousness

but you're just looking for an outlet

i knoW You're tired


i knOw you're peaceful and misinterpreted

and that you stand your ground

i know that jams you up

i know yoU're mad sometimes


i know you very well

i know you're creative and logical

i know you love to work

i know you love the ideas and their emergence into the world

i know you're,

know you're loyal and you care a lot

i know you hope that lasts for life but can't tell if it will

i know you're grown up


i know you're generous of mind with many 

and generous of heart when you can muster it

i know what you think and what you feel at the same time

i know you believe in me

like you believe in some of them

i know you want to and will lead them far

i know who you really are


i know you're..normal

and struggle to be exceptional

or is it the other way around?

i know you're around if needed

you're never hard to find

even when you're lost

i know you want to win

won't settle for a loss

won't settle for less

i know that


i know you're the only one sometimes


i know you swing for the fences

you swing when you're cornered

i know you won't have yours threatened

or lessened

you count your blessins

learn your lessons fast and become one

i know how you study


i know it's never the same for you anymore and it never will be

i know you can't go back to how it was before, even if you wanted to

i know you'll make it work

i know you'll be ok

because that is just who you are

i knew i knew you, this man in the mirror

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