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What race? Human race? Stop talking about race Start talking about space Start talking about grace Start talking about behavior
I have never really been a person to really enjoy when it was Spring, Because I never really sat back and thought about all of the changes and the beauty that it can bring.
SOFTLY HAVE FAITH They wanna bury me ain't worry, but rather I sprout out because I'm a seedling star. Stay flurry, road to glory.
OPPORTUNITY "opportunity isn't far but it usually hides in difficult circumstances and it takes optimism to figure out." #c9_fm
come along to the new year where everyone can see a world of opportunity   the people are abuzz with new ideas of how to face their biggest fears   a chance for a do-over
The opportunity to do what others can’t Inspires me to win. This might come off strange and self-serving. Some might call it a sin.  
One thing that can never be disproven, Is that time one way or another, Will always keep moving, The clock on the wall, Will forever tik onward, That is why my motto,  Is to always move forward,
There was a sadness I revered, But never possessed, Because there was youth And opportunity to spare,   But as life ebbs, And opportunities recede, I know that sadness for real,
Lurking in the shadows always listening to others. Having no voice nor opinion growing up.
I'm standing at the bottom of the world, Looking up at the top Begging, Pleading, Crying For someone to drop a rope So I can climb up, Because I'm slowly drowning down here,
"Lucy,      Lucy,             No."  She whispers to her hands. She cries to the company. We stare,       curiously,           judgementally.  
From cold ashes, the Phoenix rises From discarded marble, David, From clang of pipes, Symphony From rot of seed, Sequoia From acid and heat, Gold From bone-crushing pressure, Diamond
A letter to the Universe   The first bell, it rang at 8:05 The first day when he stepped his feet on the Holy ground United States, the land of opportunity
Terynn M. 6/1/17 “THE R WORD” Stigma. Oh, stigma.
When I think clouds, I see dreams unending A world worth exploring Goodness simply existing   When I think clouds, I know that even when they aren't large enough to see
They say we only do drugs like we got no ambition, We take it personal cause deep inside we're on a mission, But people see only the worst like they got tunnel vision, They make us look so pathetic as if we got no wisdom,
When the clouds block out the sky I won't forget There's still a sun, a sky after rain I'm still A little flower, letting go Of what I think I know
America the For∙mi∙da∙ble: “Inspiring fear, or respect through being impressively large, powerful, intense or capable.”   America is
There’s always been problems That much is a fact. From the moment the pilgrims stepped foot on this land. They were refugees Fleeing from religious oppression That made themselves a home
I am thankful for opportunity. For the chance to be alive
Wakey-wakey, get out of bed The sun is shinin' The dogs are barkin' But this pillow is a perfect fit, to cradle my head.   There are things to be done, Always things to be done.
The Sky Is a blank canvas Just past dawn Yearning for blue eyes, brown eyes, grey eyes, sad eyes, To acknowledge its beauty and potential.   The Sky Is a blazing masterpiece Of mixed hues
What is the life of another boy worth? Should I question the importance of why, We suffer more loss on this planet called Earth? A brown skinned boy with ambitions to fly.  
Time will run out You may never have another chance again Just get at it Make great usage of the opportunity at hand This is your moment You can be great But, you have to get started somewhere
 The Light outside a window vibrant, appreciatedA new day, this novel Light. A fiery presence so often exploited,A constant so plentiful-A guiding brilliance.
Today, today I swim in the bay, the bay of life; Teeming with opportunity and challenge they say, the bay the bay. Enter the water and glide don't stray, the bay, the bay will lift you today.
though some few years since Bending Toward Justice storied treatise hot off the pressriveting, nauseating, disquieting wanton venomous unfairness, tremendous
If only my life were a constellation, memories glittering still and silent  as stars hung together in the sky.   My life is only  a fleet of rowboats searching anxiously for a sudden light
Pack your suitcase, get on the plane Barely four, barely knew my name   It's time to leave my home behind In search of freedom and peace of mind   Brand new country, "paved with gold"
Every time we open our mouths And thoughts begin to just pour out, IDEAS are traded and brought to light
Opportunity has a cost. Pass it up and take a loss. It could just be a passing glance, so hurry up and take the chance.   Nothing lost and nothing gained, if not honor lightly stained.
I saw the opportunity
She made me realize…
Where am I going? What am I doing? That's how I lived my life. Question after question, Never clear what I wanted. Until reality hit me. Waisting potential. Missing my chance to live my dream.
We dream about anything to absolutely everything. It's time now this new idea of a new millennium, centenium Coming only every few years or so. Don't think you're delirious because I'm being serious.
The journey awaits Get ready to embark We don’t want to be late It’s almost time to start   The ship is ready Strong and tall It is steady And sure won’t fall  
Life is payday. You have fifty dollars in your pocket along with the daydreams of what you might buy roses for your future lover the promise of opportunity. Life is tax day.
Its sad how those with all the economic resources are born into the glamorous life of a rich education. They might not want it but yet again, they might. I know I want it but I wasn't born white. I wasn't born into that life.
Broken roads engulfed with rubble A heart apiece, blind eyes focusing Who can stand to face the trouble The hearts that burn, spurned Eager to face another day, wanting
Aren’t laws and regulations supposed to be great for our country? Well, I am a clear example that this is not true The government thinks that separating a family because of immigration issues is ok
One day I will be a guidance counselor One day I will be so much more But most of all One day, I will be rich   I would be the richest person in the world
How would you describe yourself? An angel, a fox, a snake, a gazelle. A young, fine woman that's worth the wealth, Or just another street looker with something to sell. Or maybe you can be a college girl,
Because my mother was an immigrant, and young, and single, I've been written off. They say I am most likely to drop out of school and become pregnant out of high school like my mother.
Waiting for the  Dreamer on the sidelines  To make their move 
I have a dream that one day race, socio-economic status, gender, religion, ability, or sexual orientation will no longer serve as obstacles to justic
I would have $5 for ever hungry child I see on the street Give the homeloess man that lives in the tunnel a cup of coffee each day Cover the backs of those without a shirt If I could change the world
There are people with no homes, These people need it more. If I had money I would give it to them, Why would I spend it all on me when people out there need it more? These people didn't choose to be like this,
Imagine that!Many don't believe due to grief and past expierence.Some believe, receive not have not.Is there less oportunity and less educated?Is there less jobs with lessor pay?
Imagine that!Many don't believe due to grief and past expierence.Some believe, receive not have not.Is there less oportunity and less educated?Is there less jobs with lessor pay?
A man stands In the winter cold covered in snow. His scarf 
Scratch, Scratch, Scratch, over the post-wood patch Black blood spewed out into familiar shapes, Ranted recited, and recognized by the few
Heart pumping quicker Fingers sliding on glass The picters are clearer and so is my desire.    Ive been surrounded with culture,  great food and dreams.  I've seen others make it, 
“Lucky”   One day at school hands shot up across the room, for show and tell.   Lailah went to Disney world. She had her mouse ear cap on and pictures glued to a piece
They call me a dreamer,
Today is another day in the books, Nothing to cause any strange looks. But what if today could be a big day? Come out and suprise you in come crazy way? Out of the mundane do significant things occur,
I am the one who everyone calls short I am the one who often needs support   I am the black ballet who dreams My dreams are real My hopes are precious My hard work is golden  
I am the hunter, she is the bird. I reach and reach but cannot hold. Opporunity is her name. She flaps her wings and flies away. I hit my head, again and again. On the cold hard ground in pure frustration.
It’s kinda funny sometimes When I’m chatting online with my friends Ranting about the immigrant child life Trying to make my case to those who don’t understand   Funny because all my messages Come out
Courage, the pride of a lion. The heart of a marine. Something everyone strives to acheive, but many fail. Is courage best earned when it is ignited from love, anger, or fear. The costs can be high but the reward is sweet.
Before I step on the spotlight, I dip my pointe shoes on Rossin. Adrenaline pumps my blood and my senses change; I am not myself anymore. Once the melody strikes, the brain doesn't think, it feels and creates something beautiful.
Opportunity   Opportunity comes to the door What is it that we are looking for?  Will I make it? Am I ready? Questions which cause hearts to beat unsteady. Strong hearts though full of fear
Why do i write? I write because the paper listens better than a loved one. why do i write? i write because the pen has the ability to bring peace or destroy civilizations. why do i write? 
Is education the key to success? Education alone does not change the world; it is merely a part of that change. Thoughts, determination and perseverance, on the other hand, hold a bigger part in the key to success.
Open Sky It's a new day. The rain is gone. I can finally breath without being drowned. The opportunity to better myself begins,  now. 
When I try the sky fills with light A light from the fire in my eyes The heavens open and opportunities rain down All I need to do is reach out and grab them Why is it so hard to open my eyes
One more day, one more way Time leaves my side Splendid hours spill My hands cannot fill I cup little to nothing. Had I different hands Might I have more?
If the world was my classroom, I would teach a girl to learn and to love, And not go to jail. I would teach a girl to not envy but embrace, To push onward even when it seems like there is no escape.
Safe is a word that bounces in my chest, it holds my breath in after thoughts like "future" Take it away, can you arrange my life so I don't cry at night?
Wake up! Shine and rise! Wipe the dream goo from your eyes, Scrape the slob streaks from your cheek, off to the mirror--take a peek;
Slam another door closed another opportunity lost Slam this needs to stop how many more children students parents will it take? Slam you need to stop we need to stop
Our time is now, Our time is now. When words are not enough Great men stand tall And society’s instrument Becomes victim to the reins.
Opportunity is a simple word that means so much. It can bring dreams, hope and aspiration in our lives, but can also make us chose the path we want to follow in life.
Back in the ‘60’s the movement began From Memphis to Selma the freedom trains ran Rallies and demos the fires did fan As civil rights came into focus
America Land of the Free, Home of the Brave, The Land of the Depraved and Enslaved Where voting is a universal right fought for by centuries of plight
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