Not to Late

Lurking in the shadows always listening to others.

Having no voice nor opinion growing up.

Knowing I was full of potential and could do great things in life, yet I too scared to do anything. For being the only girl in family, they all thought I was too fragile to do anything.

Therefore, I always thought that I was doing what was correct.

Now as a young adult I know I was wrong. I have so many regrets for not taking the opportunity that I had be offer long ago.

I now know that if I had taking these opportunities, I would have been a different person than I am today.

Many times, I wish I could go back in time and change my childhood and take every opportunity I had reject.

However, I learn not that long ago, that it may not be too late, and I may still have a chance to do a few of this opportunity for life experience.

For I now know that I do have a voice and my opinion does matter to those who support me. 

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My family
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