One Closed Door.

Sun, 01/25/2015 - 02:18 -- NLove

She made me realize…

That God will indeed close one door and open another 

When the time comes. I agree, but let me tell you-

That door did not simply close in my face

No, no

It was slammed shut

It was nothing mean or cruel on His part. No, my God is a wonderful God

It was me being stubborn. Even knowing I needed to close that rotting door

I was procrastinating, holding back

Wanting to hold onto something that I was afraid of losing

So when I could have easily closed the door on my own and not get hurt.

It was forcefully slammed shut in my face

Stinging my soul, shattering my heart, messing with my conscious 

But I am thankful. It was a lesson learned. And I am thankful.

Slowly I am healing my soul, picking up the pieces of my heart

And clearing my mind. 

With the door closed, I am free from the pins of lies, needles of pain

So thank you God for closing the door 

I’ll be patiently waiting for the next door to open


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