I Am Who I Am


I am the one who everyone calls short

I am the one who often needs support


I am the black ballet who dreams

My dreams are real

My hopes are precious

My hard work is golden


I am the who likes blue

I am the one who inspires you


I am the one who struggles on stage

I am the one who is afraid to turn the next page

After I perform

I feel numb inside

Then I think about the times I’ve cried

I am the one who has been afraid

Being afraid is good

Especially when I hate my neighborhood


I am a young man seeking success in life

Sometimes I wish that I could take a knife and cut into the future


I wish I could know what’s next

I am the one who is curious to know

But this pressure on me feels like a hammer throw


Soon I will be an adult

In result my career will be determined


I who I am who will be the first person in my family to graduate

I am the one who believes in success

I am the one who appreciates everything

I am the one who is thankful

I am who I am

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My favorite part of the poem is the entire thing. Each more came from deep down inside of me, and each word relates to my life.

-Tony Hawks

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