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Where blue apples are growing,Brown apparel is shrouded.And there's shrubbery for a mile swelling,With sinister graves divided.
It wasn’t something you’d expect I never thought it would be her That the kindest person I’d ever met Could possibly be the killer The single person I latched onto
Darkness knocks the door  Weeping dust sing from the floor  Windows clash with scents of blood 
(This is a sequel to my poem "Cheating Spouse")
sitting upon their bay window, they see a mysteriously movie like figure standing on a close-to-broken roof. they sit up abruptly,
There are weights on my chest, when I try to breathe. Heavy thoughts that I wear, upon both of my sleeves. And I never can tell, just when they will leave. These demons that prey,
The leaves are beginning to change colors as they slowly start to fall and hit the ground, And the smell of pumpkins and fear fill the air and it travels in the wind all around.
Me and my boo, together today.  Me and my baby, sharing a parfeit.  Soon a question must be asked,  But it's a very daunting task...   Will she like it? Will she agree? 
21 men swimming in the night, 21 men looking for a fight. 21 men taking in a sight, 21 men with a fire to ignite.   21 men swimming close to shore,
Chasing live vessels filled with blood Hissing rabidly into the night Under the moon, hunting heedlessly
There's a half-burnt man in the woods out back,  where the dog won't go and the brush is black.  Past the old stone-stack and the berries red stands a musty shack⁠— so I've heard it said.
She sits on a stone wall, combing her hair; Humming a tune old as time,  Familiar, yet no one knows it Old and frail or young and beautiful She is never the same twice
  Twas the night of Christmasween And this not a twisted dreamLittle kids screamWhen their nightlight stops its bright beamWith their look is nothing but meanSmiles that looks like a stream
My computer hums a familiar sound, The screen, pitch back, springs to life! The beams of white light break through the night around me. Familiar noises fill my room-
Some people change because of pain, for better or worse, We all possess a light side within us and dance in it in the best of times
“Sickening static surrounds my mind My head is a circus All the smudges on the mirror made me go insane
“Sickening static surrounds my mind My head is a circus All the smudges on the mirror made me go insane
“Sickening static surrounds my mind My head is a circus All the smudges on the mirror made me go insane
When you take your skin off and stare at your bones   lay them out in the sun and watch them turn yellow       When you smile use your teeth they'll smile more than your hair
Why, as children are we afraid of some darkness? Just the still black air, and yet, we all hate the crushing stillness and the possibility  that there could be something
I see it when I close my eyes, I see it right before the sunlight rise, I see it in my darkest visions, I see it when the eerie glow of my thoughts envision.   It has eyes, dark, like a black hole
Through the hollows, into the grey Across the rolling hills of pain Run all night till the darkest day. When shadows behind the mists play Charge forward to the silent rain
It has been seventeen years Since that dreadful morning Thousands lost their lives unexpectedly Hearts are still grieving The events that took place on that day Sadly presented turmoil and corruption
Deep in the darkness, The goo falls on down, Right from the ceiling, Onto the ground, Then there before me, Lies my own head, That sings to me songs, That fill me with dread,
A woman's mouth approaches the screen so zoomed in Red lines of blood chapped lips let out a dry whisper "everything looks so bright" A cool breeze dances on your neck's back
  As you sit there with the company of one The creature of the Hudson River is waiting for you The sky is clear, the clouds confess they are gone
These demon beings are clawing at my feelings.My expressions are their impressions.Their addictions are formed in story fictions.Burn them all down and make sure I drown. Heed my warnings or else you'll be mourning. 
The vibrating sound of the machinery rang loudly throughout the room. I took great pleasure in listening to its penetrating music as I watched her small statured body wreathe against the blood-stained straps
My legs crossed themselves together as the sharp pieces of grass scratched against my limbs. The cooling air passing against me sent a deep chill throughout my relaxed presence.
  2:57 is the first thing my eyes take in as the shoot wide open The glow of my alarm clock sends me this eerie feeling I sense extreme warmth as the once cool room has dampened
Wielding his trustedScythe, he storms through this moonless night, saddled uponHis pale skinned stallion, asH spreads death, throughout these lands  
With a body bornFrom trees, her gargantuanFigure, barragesThrough Forests, as she pursuesThis man, that tried to slay her
Born, with a strange taste,This man, chews on some newborn's,Succulent organs,As he satisfies his vastAppetite, in these late hours
Her white Silhouette,Weaves through weeping, tangled trees,Of this once thrivingMarshland, as her screeching wails,Bear this man's, looming death 
Pitch black darkness living in the insides of the house, 
Pitch black darkness living in the insides of the house, 
What is this cloud that hangs over my head? It follows me like some form of dread,  Waiting, watching, readying the strike.  I fear the moment it drops its impaling spike.   
The first image was of a young boy with a bat. Cute. The second, blurry, showed the boy walking, dragging his bat with. The third negative showed the boy with his (presumed) little brother.
Beyond the jagged mountains the abyss lies therein. Many have attempted to explore its depths but all have perished within. We stand there at the entrance peering into the belly of the beast.
I hear her singing in the night. A somber melody, my heart’s delight. But when I rise to see her face She disappears without a trace. A shimmering tail amidst crashing waves. The Siren’s song that I so crave.
She’s locked me in this maze again How she laughs at my pain! I know of the sins she does commit To escape I shall find proof of it! Twists and turns mar the path But reward awaits my grasp.
Once upon a time there was a Red Hen and her three friends  whose lazy behavior lead to their gruesome end. "Who well help me make corn bread" said the hen "Not I" The Cat, Dog and Goose
Once upon a time, There was a beautiful girl. Her hair smelled of rotten pine, Skin rotting off in whirls.   "Beauty," the Prince said
Under the dark, cold night, Two lost children were skipping in forest Singing a lullaby from their mother. Their voices quiet and trembling
A howl rings outIn the dead of the nightStraight out of nightmares It gives children a fright.  Paws pad closer Like leaves on the windQuieter than ghosts Quicker than sin.  
Naked skeletons. Hollow eyes. Gnarled joints. All in line for “shower” time. I was just following orders. Branded like cattle. In line like sheep for slaughter. Already dead.
I grew up where doors had no knobs,And rooms had no doors,And houses had no locks,To keep the monsters out.
"Hello this is the Plum Wood Police Department. How may I help you?" "I'm calling because there is a dead woman in the woods by highway 77. She has no face or eyes." "Who am I'm speaking with?"
HELLO BOYS AND GIRLS!LETS HAVE SOME FUN!While your parents are drinking,play with this gun!A game of Cops & Robbers.SHOOT AND KILL!OOPS!! You have a Boo Boo?Here, take this pill.
Thanksgiving has arrived and theirs nothing to eat.A starving single mother has two children to feed.They won't stop whining and crying about their hunger,The starving single mother is fed up and ponders.
You are dead but you are acting alive Eating brains but not gaining knowledge So how are you expected to survive?   Do you really think the truth is sublime? How are you expected to go to college?
I was bitten by a Werewolf and now I'm undead.I was a mortal man but now I'm immortal instead.I'm responsible for many deaths because I'm a Wolfman.
There is someone inside my headIt is full of rage and carnage With claws as hard like leadMy mind just can't seem to manage It whis
On the night spirits rush outside of the door The fire grows larger, singeing the floor His heartbeat grows faster, denying his will
Welcome, vessels of flesh and bloodTo my humble theatre, why have you come?Was it fear that brought you here?New toys for the puppeteer
Please help me And make these shadows leave Save me from the darkest street Turn the lights back on And I'm crying Then I'm broken Shattered on the floor The mirror hides unseen faces
      " We cannot escape They are coming With poisoned words And glinting swords           We cannot escape They are marching Towards us and towards the war             We cannot escape 
"There is a beast inside That controls my heart My soul is slowly dying And I need to stop the hurt This beast contols my mind Never is there peace or rest Can I get free in time?
as the seconds drag on for days
*Throwback Poem: This poem was written way back in 2010, when I was about 11, and thought I was Edgar Allan Poe!! Haha!*   Dripping with violence,
Captured  Fearful bird Tremor overrides Prisoner my body Heart died from fright Captured this poor soul Freedom lost Happiness dead Broken soul
Throat ripped clean Jagged fangs go open Eyes widen gleam Blood flows free Throat cut through Pulse times two Fangs sink deep  Drink into sleep
He stole through my window In the depths of the night   He spoke soft words, empty and meaningless I thought I heard chimes tinkling in the wind  
A family of Jehovah's Witnesses were having a picnic after they went to a convention.When they met a group of Goth Teens, they learned that murder was their intention.
A killer of beasts Thats what I am. A soldier of God. He has chosen me to destroy the Evil.   All of the weak; a suffering man. the devil persists, but I am to protect 
Dark of Day Light of Nightby Mira Wilder2014Girls you better be safeand get to your carthat guy you dated took things too farYou can feel him behind you,closer and closer
This airplane is on fire and it's going down.Soon everybody on board will no longer be around.I'm really scared because of the trouble that I'm in.I'm praying and I'm begging God to forgive my sins.
Adrenaline rose and we got out And stopped to stare and look about A frightning scene, as it should be Still I moved close for him to hold me   Scary monsters breathed in my face
As you lay in your bed, eyes shut- waiting to fall asleep, listen. You hear that ringing in the silence? If you listen hard enough you'll hear voices. The voices will tell you dark things.
I locked the door behind me And as I sat on the toilet seat I looked down at my feet Red, from the lack of heat I began remisicing on memories Bur it wasn't long until I was done
What is this sick fascination inside of me?
Midnight orb, swirly silvery white, Hung against the inky black sky As the town clock chimed loudly. The city slept, living in their dreams. But a silent figure approached,
Reign Knee Daze(Rainy Days)
Little girl, kept asking how and why; 
It's coming around the corner, The corner on 13th street. Shuffling and scuffling along on its heavy and weakened feet.   It's coming down the sidewalk, twitching and swaying in the night.
  Waiting for time to pass Staring at a half empty glass Who is right Who is wrong No one has the answer
This I Believe...   Tightening a noose around our children’s necks,  
Hysterically, I laugh at what I want to do to you. What you deserve. You clearly don’t think I’m crazy. Well, clearly I’m about to snap after you used and abused me.
I often dream of myself floating from space, looking down upon the planet and watching its peacefulness.  And from up above, if my voice could somehow reach every human being, I would say, "Stop trying to dominate nature."  
I would like to cordially invite you to dinner.   Goblets filled with putrid blood,  
Copper flakes fell from my hand and drifted away in the icy current. Engrossed by the dry, dancing scales, I crushed the thin skin of the leaf until it disintegrated into the stream below.
"The horror, the horror!" They cry; yet what does it matter? They hide their faces even as the world Did THEN.
It watches from the forest. Wearing suit and tie. All the while watching you. Not an ear or an eye.   Absent of face. Present in mind. Along his back Tentacles you will find.  
Why is the question I always ask myself, Its my mind wanting to learn, But I find myself a hypocrite,
My doctor, happens to reside Opposite the road ten strides. So conveniently I asked His service when my lung collapsed A horrid accident and gruesome And not as like this awful twosome  
  Unseen Calamity             Deep and dark so they are             Ground in black             Crawl in stone of ark
Big red eyes,
Swirling, sinister, smog.
*/ /*-->*/ Oh how you scoffed at my theories As we walked along the hall
Broken bones burn in putrid columns; Smoke wanders through the wilderness, And all we see is a never ending darkness. Our world will not survive, yet People think they have purified their lives…
10 are sleeping under ground, hush and don't you make a sound. 9 below they slowly wake,  coming for your breath to take. 8 ascend the steps in woe, as they slowly, surely go. 7 moments pass away,
Im surrounded by familiar faces, The choice has been made I will meet my demise, Torture is realized, life flashing before my eyes, I place the gun to my head as I begin to die.  
There was something dark, Something dreadful, Lurking through the halls. - a spirit!- Malicious with disturbing desires, Like a shadow, it followed From room to room. Such a monstrous  creature
Night, dear night, How your moon does shine bright. But the nightmares and horrors Of your dark sullen moods Surely cast over your stars. That twinkle and gleam with all their might
It is stagnant.The dark intimidates me.My subconscious is cruel.There is a suspension of time that I am profoundly aware of.He's here! He speaks to me. The words are incoherent and stumble though my mind.
  The shade conceals the woods.  The night fly buzzes gently on a midnight breeze.   Through the dark, misanthropic wilderness, it carries Him. 
Her breath rasped and grated in the frightening, cold stillness of the sterile room. She could hear the thundering stampede of her heart and she could feel it slam against her ribs painfully –
There was small wooden houseAt the edge of the greenIt was there, yet it wasn’tFor it never was seen Save by two little laddiesWho came by the wayAnd traipsed ‘long the pathwayOne crisp autumn day
  Sometimes nothing holds me together, The bond is ruined straight from the seam. I look around and reach through forever,
And I was just wondering if you saw it too   The green bile behind all these smiles   Coming up up up   Starting up up up      
Hahahah you're hilarious! You thought this note was about how You broke some girl's heart! Comedy gold. This is coming from a place you shut off long ago.
In the early evening, I come home from the park. And inside my house there are shadows in the dark!
They'll label you Try to give you drugs that disable you Saying this will never hurt, its to save you But it cures you Cures you from not following the status quo Wipe out all the truth you may know
So many strange things running in a carousel With eerie music round and round, As the monkey bears its wide-toothily grin And blood drips from the jaws of the neighboring bear.
I lost my mama one cold fierce night. Thinking she would return to her daughter might. I cry everyday i was just a little girl, out in the cold freezing world. things started changing, people dont remain the same, they are not true their word.
Over in a moment Death is nothing to be feared; Life, love, and everything else Is a tragedy for the mind.
I am from ashes from shards and legendary rebirth. I am from darkness beneath moon's shadow lonely, silent, it feels like snow. I am from the world's remains, the dark abyss
Nobody's seen a shadow like I, a shadow that glows only at night. From the nightly depths and shallows of the gallows this shadow does rise Not in light of the fellow, bright yellow up high in the skies
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