Carousel of Horror

Wed, 05/01/2013 - 21:52 -- mc488


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So many strange things running in a carousel
With eerie music round and round,
As the monkey bears its wide-toothily grin
And blood drips from the jaws of the neighboring bear.
The lion shakes his mighty mane as he roars in laughter
Upon the brutal mess with blood splattered upon the cracking oak platform
While the white horse screams with eyes turning white;
The zebras pawing and prancing in place
Their unusual laughter only made perfect
By the lights flashing and gleaming
From the mirrors and thousands of plastic gems.
A trumpet from the lone elephant as it stomps its feet in dismay,
Helping to mask the screams and hysteria of the mother who had just lost her child;
The hyenas cackle and cry as they move in.
The mad man behind the mechanics just smirks,
A silent joke and a secret past –
The last of many to know the truth about the carousel,
The Carousel of Horror.



Please do not post anything hateful or rude because of how the poem is 'dark' and 'morbid', thank you

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

this is a unique and mystical poem
very vivid as i kept reading
nice rhythm-keep writing

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