The Mermaid's Kiss

I hear her singing in the night.
A somber melody, my heart’s delight.
But when I rise to see her face
She disappears without a trace.
A shimmering tail amidst crashing waves.
The Siren’s song that I so crave.
I walk the shore at morning’s light.
I’m awarded with a luscious sight.
Upon a rock she sits with doll-like grace.
A smile upon her delicate face.
Her ashen hair floats on the salty breeze.
Her eyes are as blue as the Deeps.
She beckons me forth with an outstretched hand.
At her bidding I cross the sands.
She takes my hand into her own.
The icey flesh chills my bone.
Rose red lips and sapphire eyes.
Draw me in, I’m hypnotized.
Her Siren song in my head.
Her tail ensnares me, heavy as lead.
Lips like petals collide with mine.
I am the Feast on which she’ll dine.
She’ll disappear beneath the Sea.
And the Shore? Neither of us will return to thee.


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