A Cannibal's Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving has arrived and theirs nothing to eat.
A starving single mother has two children to feed.
They won't stop whining and crying about their hunger,
The starving single mother is fed up and ponders.

"My children are young and to weak to fight.
Maybe I'll add them to the menu tonight."
As malicious thoughts dwell in her head.
She turns to her young daughter and says.

"My sweet little angel, please don't cry.
Mommy's making something special tonight.
Go down the basement and don't be sad.
Help mommy out, find me an oven bag."

The sad little girl wipes her tears.
Then makes her way down the basement with fear.
The lights go out, everything turns black.
The starving single mother slams the door on her back.

Then she walks to her son holding a rope.
The boy looks confused as she grabs him by the throat.
Then ties him down to the kitchen table.
Her only son, the first born she cradled.

She looks into his eyes before she lets him go.
Decapitates, dismembers, then stuffs his torso.
And bastes it like a Thanksgiving Turkey.
Then sticks it in the oven without guilt or worries.

"Time to check on the daughter." She opens the door
and finds her crying on the dirty floor.
Then says "Don't worry my love, I'm back.
Did you find mommy her oven bag?"

The sad little girl again wipes her tears.
And says "Yes mommy It's right here.
Can we get out now? It's dark and I'm scared."
The starving single mother snatches her by the hair.

Wraps the oven bag around her head.
Suffocates her daughter to death.
The deeds are done. No remorse.
Her next sin shall takes it course.

With a sharp blade slices her daughters chest.
Forces her hands in and opens her breast.
Then pulls out the heart and stares with widened eyes.
Licking her lips as she bakes it into a pie.

Her son is ready and serves a big plate.
She sits at the table and begins to say grace.
"Thank you God for this wonderful meal,
no more hunger, I soon will be filled.

I rid myself of the crying and tears.
No more whining, no more fears.
My children are gone, now I'm at peace.
Blessed with this food, now I'm ready to feast."

She takes a bite out of her son but forgets to chew.
She tries to swallow and chokes on her food.
Her eyes wide open, her hands around her throat.
With no one around to help, she suffers alone.

Gasping for air she goes to the sink.
Hoping to find something to drink.
She slips on blood and lands on the sink
Her hair caught in the garbage disposal. Clink, Clink, CLINK!

The sound of metal clanking, pulls her head down the drain.

Roots from her hair rip off her skull, exposing her brain.


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