Ex-Wife's Revenge

(This is a sequel to my poem "Cheating Spouse")

Because of adultery, I decided to divorce my wife.
But when I divorced her, I started fearing for my life.
When the divorce was finalized, I became a victim of my ex-wife's wrath.
I knew that she was a cheater but I didn't know that she's a psychopath.
I was lucky that I didn't die when she cut the brake lines on my car.
She did that and committed more crimes and now she's behind bars.
One night while I was sleeping, she set fire to my new house and burned it to the ground.
I wouldn't have escaped if my dog's barking hadn't woken me up. I'm lucky to still be around.
I wanted her to be arrested but for a while, there wasn't enough evidence.
I was scared out of my wits because I was her victim and it sure was intense.
She thought she was hiring a hit man but she was talking to an undercover cop.
She offered him fifty thousand bucks to kill me and she was arrested on the spot.
Now she's rotting in prison and her twin babies have been placed in foster care.
She's been brought to justice but I'm still shaken up because I had quite a scare.


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