The Kindest Person I'd Ever Met

It wasn’t something you’d expect

I never thought it would be her

That the kindest person I’d ever met

Could possibly be the killer

The single person I latched onto

As the blood on the floor dried to rust

Of all the people in that room

The single person I shouldn’t trust

She seemed so cool, so calm, so safe

I see now the reason why

But now I know and still remains

A memory: her comforting me as I cried

I’d only seen her once before

I only met her then

I only knew once on the floor

Who she was and what she’d been

And yet, despite what I’ve now seen

I still wish she had let me stay

By her side, her as my queen

As the bodies all decay

I wish she’d kept me by her side

For there’s nowhere else I can be

At least if she had not left me alive

I would not be faced with my misery

But she left and here I pray that she does not forget

I only wish I knew her still

She was the kindest person I’d ever met

And the prettiest person I’d ever seen kill



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