My Dream

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My true passion, the one and only thing that saves me from insanity, the one thing that makes me different from everybody else, not only is it a talent, but it is an art, and a sport,
There are many jobs, many fields, many choices. But there is only one for me and one alone. This one is a job that cares for people through knowledge showing compassion,
Life Is What You Make of It   Life is what you make of it Not how much you fake it Not your dress or a stupid zit
Every day that goes by, I think of the man that I wish to be. Though I sometimes forget, I look in the mirror and see, A man with a pen who writes tales of great wonder,
Lost and wandering
My Dream To many it may be crazy But to me Its something I want to achieve My Dream To many it may be hard to believe But to me Its a dream come true My Dream
To aid those who have fallen, To breathe in the air of knowledge, To know that one made a difference Makes the world so much better.   My life is drenched in sorrow,
Alarm Sigh Time for work again. Same Routine Make money to stay alive. Boring Life In this cubicle the beauty outside has started to die. No More Money is my boss.
Engineer, mathematician Computer programmer, statistician A job that makes money I can't put my knowledge to waste I wanted to be a teacher But for my intelligence that's not enough pay
Once, I wanted to be in a rock band, Jammin’ on the piano. In my made-up band, “The Treelimbs”   For a while, that dream stood, And I was encouraged to dream, But that’s not what I want to do.
My dream is making someone elses dream happen. Helping this person become better than they were yesteday. Yes, I know ths does not make money.
Day after Day Hour after Hour Time rolls by I'm one step closer Yet so far behind I can see the light  At the end of the tunnel And I'm almost there It's my light My own path
"What do you want to do when you get older?"
Since the start of my senior year I had a plan.
For the love of music I need to share it's quality. It brought me a friend and to save a soul.
Filmmaking: Why I Now Have a Story
Just a year old when he had his first surgery  Doctors swarmed around him to fix his valve and artery
Oh how I'm looking forward to the future But what if I FAIL? I don't want to be a Loser But only tie will tell  What if I get a job an I don't like it? I guess I won't know until I try it
Life is full of suprises Whether we like it or not We will always have our ups and downs We will always have people that don't want to see us succeed in life
We're all born the same, but we're all not brought up the same. We're all here, yet our only purpose isn't to exist... it's to co-exist. Let's gravitate towards each other, with a helping hand extended.  
Helping victims that have been stabbed with a knife, That's the kind of job I want to change a life. Helping the ones who have been hurt and abused, That's the job I choose. Putting away those child molesters 
Basketball or maybe even football,Two of my most favorite sports,Two of the jobs i would love to do,Running the field or playing on the court. 
I can paint a picture without my hands. I can sing a song without my lips. I can see another world without my eyes. Inside my mind, my dreams run wild. Money and fame seem so mild.
  I sit alone. Half my face in the light. Silence is golden. In it I write. Carving up beauty from letters of might. Lost in the lines. Is it day? Is it night?
The sciences are mostly seen as male-dominated right? Well this woman will shed some light,
Do you know That the universe Millions of lights Glowing bright From such a height  Is in someone As small as me As small as you As big as us 
Lights, camera, action 60 minutes of tough, hardcore, gridiron action.  And there I stand, taking it all in.  Focusing and analyzing each play, remember highlights  and memorizing stats.
All my dream jobs allow me to create. To please the mobs who do not wish to imitate.   I, a fashion designer could sew my dreams into something finer, creating my dreams through seams.
Do you ever wonder what it's like to have your dream job? You sit in your bed thinking on and on, What is my dream job?    If  you were me and I was you, maybe we'd have the same dream too
Create a new world  Bring your charecters to life  Live to animate
Applications, Essays, Letters of Recommendation. Hours,  Hours, Hours of work. Work that makes my eyes blurry  Or fingers cramp.    For what exactly? 
If there was one job;  To change my life; I would be a Gamer; Until I die.   The thrill of the chase;  The glee of victory; Immersed in story and mystery.  
A student seeking money am I. To write a poem I will try A career to investigate That will ultimately liberate The author from his misery Trapped inside a dead end job Working from six to three.
If I had a job A perfect one, hopefully in a couple of years It would be As a nuclear pharmacist, finding disease   Pharmacy is a long journey Six years of study I don't mind, I don't care
What makes a dream careerTo each his ownFor we all differIn what makes us feel at home
One job... may change my life.  One person... may change my life. One child... may change my life. One patient... may change my life. One word... may change my life. One cell... may change my life.
In front of thousands of people I had a dream I was singing With my guitar close at hand What an amazing feeling But gosh what a feeling Live performances take courage What is music
One type of job that could change my life is being able to be a psychologist so that be able to one day open a foster house, which is my dream.
Awareness The knowledge of the world around us To figure out the mysteries Create a bigger island I visualize myself Expanding our horizons I'll expand the list I'm Carlos, The Physicist
At home, in my sock drawer, I keep a piglet notebook. About halfway through, I have my first worded entry, cappuccino.
With my wild imagination as a child, I thought about what I wanted to be, A princess, maybe a doctor, Perhaps a lawyer or even a writer, The possibilties were endless, The ideas enchanted me.  
Eyes like a shutter Mind like a lense I capture the memories so that they don't fade or blend
Each and every day they say, "You can't do this or that, no way." But still I stand, my dreams in my hand. Not letting their words define me or create me,
When we go walk through the woods we build ourselves like the trees that surround us. 
Science is an international study Enriching our lives,  Making us better Go to the doctor and get a prescription But who made that medicine, Who tested it, Who was behind "the cure"?  
Call me a teacherAnd I will smileI'm not there yetBut that's my goalI want to create smilesOn childrens facesOnce they enter my class room
One Job May Change My Life   From the hours of studying To clinicals and tests Passing my exams And only giving my best   Applying for jobs has never been harder
A job is not simply an occupation, For the name makes it seem so obligatory and mundane. There is not better job for the 90,360 hour duration
Sometimes it takes more than one One job Two jobs Three jobs
With all the confusion and noise, We are trying to find  an escape.  A dark room full with one source of light, sharing with us solutions  to our problems, answers to our questions,
I sat in class thinking it was easy While everyone else failed out. The next year I decided            To take the AP route. I did extra work And took a state-wide test;
Sensational, musical, vibrations fill my ears. The acoustics of the world around me changes with every step.
Not being able to hear.     Not being able to see.          This does not mean you are usless and weak.                      You are still normal to me.                      And I wish to teach you.
To be an Engineer must be surrealIt's the blueprint to a science that we can never see or feelIt's almost unfair what a little math can unveilStructures so necessary yet beautifully created for appeal
If I could have a job, what would it be? Would it be the highest chair in my original corportation or the MTV broadcaster for Jenn and Justin's separation? Would I travel the world to photograph earth's beauty?
Imagine swimming in the clear blue waters of Skiathos, Greece, or observing the Mayan temples, even if they're only in piece; Reading the love letters Juliet's wall has come to receive,
I like to help What should I choose?
I am but simple, feeble, and small; but through what I build, I can inspire a light in others of infinite fire. i am but plain, but I can make great and tall, a image of wonder to spark in all
Spark! I can see the spark Come from the eyes and radiate Giving thought Emotion Inspiration All to those eyes in dark Dulled by the world outside I was that Those dull eyes
From sketch to full rendering,
I’ve always dreamt about it. Working at E! I know it’ll be hard. I’ll finish school and get that degree. Hopefully I’ll also travel the world and get my experience. I’ve always dreamt about E! I know I can make it there if I work hard enough.
A dream job? Could eye be an artist? Eye often thought of myself as having a unique viewpoint, but dont we all? Could eye be an archeoligist?
Let me write for you. Absorb my words and remember my name. Search for me through the pages of the black and white print. Adopt what you like of mine, Compliment my style.
I wanted to help the animalsI wanted to save the planet.I kept changing my mind& I didn't understand it.
We hunger and we thirst.Everyone needs to eat. In the kitchen I stand,I cook to serve the hungry. This job will sustain them,Keeping them alive. But they don't know,This job has changed my life.
As the sun was starting to rise on a nice summer day, she woke up. Battling breast cancer, she always kept a smile on her face, but hold up. Changes were about to occur, and maybe not for the best.
I watch my pops get up for work Sunday, too, no time for church Eight hour shifts, back to back He doesn't know how to relax Change my life? No cheats, no thrills I just want a job to pay the bills
There is that one job The job that could change it all That could make me soar To add numbers all day and find their flaws This one dream of mine To be an accountant I shall have to go to school
My dream is to be what most imagine its what most could only dream of what you see in movies.  No my dream is not to be an actor.  My dream is to be a Combat search and rescue doctor 
Music pulsatesin time with my heartresonating through my bloodrattling my bonesWords flowthrough my fingertipsdripping inkstaining pagesIf I could writeabout music
A Dream job, What is it? What is this dream job, That has me cornered so?   Is it the magic of the pen, That scribbles on my soul; Or is it the idea's of imagination,
I wanted to serve others meaning people other than me to let them know  that they are so much more than their disease but how can I show them this love that I have so eagerly to give
Peace is very two dimensional , There comes happiness, And there comes sacrifice, With peace you have to make a sacrifice to achieve happiness, Whether you accept it is your choice,
 The one job that will change my life. That one and only job will be the one I have always dreamed of. Veterinarian Technology.
So, I'm sitting here thinking about growing up.  It's so hard to believe, it's so abrupt.  Working hard,  striving for success.  That one job, you'd believe its the best. 
Growing up a spoiled child, unknowingly. Struggling with degree in hand to find herself.  Struggling with second degree in hand to find her career. Stumbling upon the life of a poverty-stricken self, unknowingly.
The worried looks a diagnosis
I have a dream. One of great proportions And ultimate adventure. I dream to travel the world. All of it. For the rest of my life. Exploring, Adventuring, Dreaming Forever.
History has shaped the way we feel, think, and act. Time heals most things, but it doesn't change the past. Many people today, African-Americans especially Have done many things that just aren't necessary.
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