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Angela Lansbury has perished after living for nearly ninety-seven years.In 1948, she starred in "State Of The Union" and "The Three Musketeers".When she starred as a murderess in "Please Murder Me!", her co-star was Raymond Burr.
It is better to read than watch television. Television, though not all of it I must say, was created to keep us from being our best. We watch life go by, as we stare into faces of people we hardly know, constructed of colored rods.
Counseling done before a live audience can never escape from being entertainment, which is sad that it has come down to those levels. Maury, is the worst of those shows.
Institutions are a model train set of the politicians and their supporters. The only thing that seems right to me is to follow the golden rule. In a society of mass shootings and
John Challis became a famous British actor and that's what he deserved.He starred as Captain Peacock in the reboot of "Are You Being Served?"It's sad to have to tell people that John has passed away.
A man has lost his life nearly 62 years after he was born.We've lost an actor and comedian and his name was Norm.I'm sorry to have to inform people that Norm MacDonald has passed away.
He was Eddie Haskell on "Leave It To Beaver".He starred as the best friend of Wally Cleaver.When he starred as Eddie, his performances were sure to please.Sadly, he died on May 18, 2020 from Peripheral Artery Disease.
So... Which One Are You Really From ? By This I Mean... “ Where “... Do You Think That You BELONG... ?!!!? In A Home of WEALTHY Heirs... Or A Home That's Seen As STRONG... !!!
Something bad has happened, we've lost Dawn Wells.Her friends and family must be going through Hell.When we lose such a talented person, it's hard to understand.For a few years she starred on "Gilligan's Island" as Mary Ann.
When I died, I arrived in Hell and there was a lesson that I quickly learned.Satan is using a new kind of torture, people are no longer being burned.It's a rotten, terrible and cruel thing for Satan to do.
It Seems Mr. Ross ... Has BROKEN Some ... " Boundaries " ... But If It's Not Him ... It's That Man ... " Ali G " ... !!! Or Maybe A Pundit ... On Late Night TV ... ?!?
A British actor entertained people as Selwyn Froggitt and The Gaffer.During his 89 years of life, Bill Maynard gave millions the gift of laughter.He starred in a few episodes of both 'Worzel Gummidge' and 'Heartbeat'.
When he was born, God gave him a special gift.He was a British actor who was named Clive Swift.He starred as Richard Bucket and Roy Bowden in 'Keeping Up Appearances' and 'The Old Guys'.
Inside the art room I reside, Sharpening paint brushes No longer used for art on paper
Here comes a frog named Kermit the Frog, Who has his own online blog. He went to ponds and beyond. He and the pig have a bond. Piggy threw the frog hard to Prague.
There is a gas manager named Hank, Who puts his currencies in a bank. He values handling propane Over him handling methane. He stuffs his work shirt with a gas tank.
Wide eyes open like floodgatesHours pass as I stare, raptAbsorbing, experiencing “You watch too much TV”They see a weakness, a rotting mindBut inside my brain is alive and leaping
First came birth as did we all, A neutral force guarded by angels.  Outside their influence lingers an evil, some of which we cannot discern. Two forces in my life have guided me. Two of the three primary colors.
Dear Donald Glover,
At eight o’clock on every Thursday night, I turn on my TV to watch Scandal, If Olivia Pope is in a plight, She puts her enemies under a spell.
  To truly know are the Munster really monster a family that lives at 1313 mockingbird lane  who are so friendly but quite strange    A dad name Herman Munster looks like Frankenstein monster
A rectangular box shouldn’t be my happy place. Many say it is unhealthy, That my mind will turn to jelly, But it is my escape.   Through the dark of night, my world is lit. I venture to far off lands.
A Revenge bounds across the open plains with speed and beauty looking for payback                                      Hooves pounding into the ground, jolting the surroundings with every step Snap!
I'm a big fan of Doctor Who.I'm talking about the classic series, not the new.The Doctor defeated the Daleks, the Zygons and the Cybermen.He also defeated the Master, the Rani, the Quarks and Zoden.
To waste away another day I look to the screen display The colors on it dance and play Upon my mind they weigh   Although not heavy these things are They still rot my beautiful brain
Enter the victim, normally dead, Shot, bludgeoned, or pushed off a cliff, on his head,
The most interesting thing one can learn Is how time may stretch and weave As you read, view, or listen.   The first time I knew this was true Was found in a year that never happened.
A cliff threatens to give way An innocent woman, a man did prey The hearts of 7 Marine families heavily weigh Thieves break in, 911 called with no delay
The bright i
Staring down at my book, I start to fall asleep
" You have sad eyes. Beautiful, but sad.  Like you've seen too much."           "They are the only windows, no?"   Neji Freed Television raised me Lifted me high enough to see
White noise, blank faces Staring into a box They are told what to eat How to look, what women to desire They are given lives, not their own They excape, not ever needing to
As I sit here and watch tv,
Red, orange, yellow, blue and green All colors imaginable on one screen People don’t pay attention But the box is ruining more and more generations. It’s quite unbelievable The cartoons, characters and people
Dreams of travel Tales of space, A single man With a changing face. Dutiful from the Very start, A vesicle For a broken heart.
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