Counseling Shows on Daytime Television

Counseling done before a live audience can never escape from being entertainment, which is sad that it has come down to those levels. Maury, is the worst of those shows. But even the Dr Phil Show and Steve Wilkos show can easily turn into a spectacle for the one watching it.
Many of the expert hosts will even become angry and aggressive toward the person presenting a problem on the show. Or they will act passively and watch the couple as they fight and curse at each other with unrelenting force Which no good therapist would ever take as an approach to counseling.
There may be some good to these shows, but they never escape from being entertainment, which is the problem I have with them. Counseling if the public wants to know more of it should read and pick up books on it or watch shows which more accurately demonstrate it's positives
and does not demean it.
Anything on television has the potential for exhibiting a brute understanding of a topic

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