Observant Actor

The bright images on the television wink in and out, bright as lights on a stage. The high pitched voice of a commercial actress scratches the surface of my thoughts like the nails of a beautifully  manicured hand. Perfect style, clothes, makeup. Personality. “Because you’re worth it” says L’Oreal. Did that bony cosmetics model think she was worth the breakfast, lunch, and dinner that she skipped that day? Maybe not. Maybe I am just too critical. Every now and then, the screen is painfully bright, and the light reflects off the shiny surface of the Glamour magazine that has been haphazardly tossed in the corner. I could easily throw it in recycling, but I rather enjoy the way it sits there, collecting dust. A testament to inescapable fact that all things fade. Be unique, be you the screen squawks. Its all very well. No two people are genetically the same after all. Have it your way. Long hair don’t care. I can’t help but wonder what would happen if people focused on their similarities rather than their differences. Less loneliness, more friendship. Perhaps. Maybe I have watched too much television today but as I reach for the remote -- NATIONWIDE IS ON YOUR SIDE the show starts again and I am drawn in helplessly like a moth drawn to the bright glow of a bug zapper. I remember now. As a young adult female, I have a role to play. My phone buzzes in my lap but I don’t spare that screen a glance. My mind is too busy. I have makeup to buy, clothes to wear, ways to be. Did I say ways to be? I meant places. Places to be. San Francisco this time, because that is where my favorite television show character is going. I can see the world through these pixels. Places to be, places to be.



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