The Properties of Time

The most interesting thing one can learn

Is how time may stretch and weave

As you read, view, or listen.


The first time I knew this was true

Was found in a year that never happened.

Treks across deserts,

Underground organizations, and pieces of the weapon that would save everyone.

Days passed as my eyes stayed fixed on a screen,

And I felt the despair of those huddled on staircases just as they did.

Each actor became a refugee, each set became a battlefield

And I remained the silent observer.


The next time was within a city known as Midnight.

The lights in my head overwhelmed as the truck emerged from the tunnel,

And the screams of the infinite were inexcusably musical.

Each note became an hour of stretched arms, convertibles, and street lights,

And every lyric was a new day of freedom.


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