First came birth as did we all,

A neutral force guarded by angels. 

Outside their influence lingers an evil, some of which we cannot discern.

Two forces in my life have guided me. Two of the three primary colors.

A cartoon boy as yellow as a lemon and as solid as swiss cheese

Teaching me the power of laughter and offering kindness to others.

A national icon buried underneath our feet swimming with the fishes.

The second was a man who wore multiple colors throughout his life

Camoflague, then red, and lastly blue.

An army man, a fireman, a policeman, and a family man.

My personal angel, who allowed me to have my first breath because the doctors almost stole it from me

A man who taught me to be selfless because this world won't change if I demand reparations

My angel has been called back for his duties and is no longer by my side

I shall carry on these teachings because they have made me into the women seen today

To spread the joys of helping

To spread the joys of laughter

The joy of kindness and selflessness 

This poem is about: 
My family
My community


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