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I taught you intimacy Showed you loved Unconditional, forever lasting. Will you forget the butterfly kisses when you lay with her?
Shhh… we must whisper when we say this. This is for you my regrettable desire This is for the Love I thought we could’ve had And the love we never will have 
This is to the dreamers  To the star crossed lovers to the ex-bestfriends And the hopeless wonders  This is to the sleepless nights 
Painted walls, guide my rough fingertips Cracked movements trip my aloof mind, Feeling distinct Familiar even, A cool autumn breeze runs up my spine, Prickling my skin into reality.  
He steps on my toes  You could say I have the whoas When kisses blow I never met someone like you You smell of good things 
Words always slipped in Clouding my head so easily But now It's you Weaving circles Telling tales Pestering my thoughts (Never leaving me alone) And words leave my tongue
i awake, ready to enter again into this poem called life. to filter the moments,  the quivering of water’s meniscus in a plastic bottle, how each person holds his pen differently,
Ⅰ                                                                                                   Ⅷ Among hundreds of cafes,                                                 I know sharp warmth
Ⅰ                                                                                                   Ⅷ Among hundreds of cafes,                                                 I know sharp warmth
Early morning The sun is still rising The fields are still blanketed With spider's webs That the morning sunlight Shine directly through Glistening like diamonds Heavy with kisses of dew
Your lips crash onto mine, Cracked, pink, and divine. The bittersweet taste of you Touches my tongue, I crave your lips even more,
Where is my mouth? I imagine it flying around on it's own and taking things it should let alone and liking it. Honestly I have always been an introvert My spirit floats when yours might soar but still rises just as high
We think  we need but we don't.   Another  false alarm turns out that we don't.   Then you  come along your little paws and I do.  
As the internal heat of the sun throbs off the crust of the earth So my spirit reverberates in kind against yours Flying flames on your skin like desert winds Filling you with light and murmuring with vitality
Does he know he's in my heart Tangled up in the warmth Always sleeping, never knowing Rising high and falling deep on the heavy laboured breaths Nestled lost like a rock at the center of a moutain
Let me love away your pain. let me kiss away your  scrapes and bruises until nothing but the stars know of our broken hearts. As long as the stars persist their memories will hold our scars.
I missed you again today I've been doing this thing where I refrain from thinking about you until about the worst possible time in the day to break down When I'm dipping in the pool for the beginning of practice 
Okay, it's me again This is how I feel right now, -I can't see you -I can't find that pencil you lent me -I can't feel your hands on my hips -I can't hear your voice
His kiss was of goldStaining her lips with the markOf innocence lost. His fingertips leftGilded prints, painted on herLovely face with care. Polished AdonisThough he was, the sun cannotShine on forever.
I leave you kisses everywhere, 
A kiss for show A kiss to feel Shows me how you feel One on top   Another on the bottom Right in the middle Where it stops no One knows    
Like a million little butterflies,  Like the cool spring wind,  Like the humming birds tiny wings, Like the sweet nectar oozing out of a strawberry, Like a cool, blue swimming pool on a hot summers day, 
There's trick or treat at the zoo What can you get for me and you? Animals can give you sweet kisses Or sweet wishes They can make you smile For a little bit or a while Monkey's swing from trees
If it were a fairytale you would stay.
Maybe one day I will find someone who doesn't see right through me Change the path he's walking
I'm feeling fireworks on my lips i can't believe you look at me like this i see lust in your eyes and you look at me like I'm your prize im really nothing at all So why won't you let me fall
Coney Island   I just wanna go to Coney Island  I wanna ride the Ferris wheel With our fingers interlocked Gazing into each others' eyes Like they do in the movies
When you kiss me, I scream intoyour mouth as hard as I canso every time you puffa cigarette, youmight think of me.
I can't breathe My tears flow freely, the sick feeling of dread overwhelming me His hands are warm, controlled and gentle. He's comforted others before me,
Each and every one of my atoms were screaming for your presence
Everyone, everywhere love me, desire me Let me be in all of your wet dreams and fantasy men, women, all alike I need to feel loved and wanted. if I wasn't so careful I would allow
  Hey! You! Over there!! I am talking to you.
pink lips pink hair cartwheels i dont care. sunglasses wineglasses kisses on the run. short skirts outskirts i hate everyone.
It provokes her tongue; it wants to lick her lips, to slither about inside her mouth, nuzzling her cheeks in circles and lightly stroking the backs of her teeth. A sweet breath tingles her taste buds, like a piece of minty, fresh spearmint gum.
You walk in the room My hands begin to shake You look at me My heart pounds I can feel it fighting to jump through my skin You begin to speak
Besame I say  I'm weak under  your gaze  Tender lips  Kiss me with  them please,  A kiss on the  cheek will suffice  but my lips  need more than that....
When we first met we didn't think much Three years of knowing each other, we still don't think much Little glances, soft touches
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