This fire in my belly


United States
39° 8' 44.6496" N, 123° 11' 52.0476" W

As the internal heat of the sun throbs off the crust of the earth

So my spirit reverberates in kind against yours

Flying flames on your skin like desert winds

Filling you with light and murmuring with vitality

How bright your eyes shine, like dark rays of energy

Going over me like I'm the strongest thing in the world

Absorbing me deep

You know me, know me deep

I like it when you press your cool lips to mine

Only fueling the blaze inside me

I like the way you touch me in hot places

Take me like you know who you're dealing with

Like you know me, know me deep


What is your name, star of my heart?

Dear fire in my belly

Seated like a burning king in the skies

I like it when you singe me



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