Crisply dictated

Where is my mouth?

I imagine it flying around on it's own and taking things it should let alone and liking it.

Honestly I have always been an introvert

My spirit floats when yours might soar but still rises just as high

So when a touch from someone sends me rocketing

I have to take some stock of myself

Where is my mouth?

I hope like hell kissing you always feels this strong

Like the first toasty sip of Burgandy that sizzles in your chest

then settles in your stomach like thick and heavy desire

I takes me till the second taste to remember who we are and then for me to

stop caring

I drink deeply and drown again and again in this particular glass

You make me feel lousy.

You make me feel loose and touchable and maybe a little bit reckless.

So catch me or touch me or maybe tackle my inhibitions because I love the way

you make me fly.


But Where is my mouth?

I think I close my eyes and know it's there but

Honestly I have always been an introvert

and it's hard to claim my lips but give them to you just the same

Double vision places me in between a rock and hard place in my head

How do you see me?

Where is my mouth?

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