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Cloudburst, downpour let it touch down, top down. Make tears of the clouds wash off negativity till infinity. Flush away diseases in the life's systems. Let it fall top downpour vaccine, ignite the machine.
Staring from the window of my home, I noticed the sky becoming monochrome. The cloud's curdled in sky's meadow set, Dangle and are drawn in descend drops of rain which cling to the leaves of plant making it wet.
Staring from the window of my home, I noticed the sky becoming monochrome. The cloud's curdled in sky's meadow set, Dangle and are drawn in descend drops of rain which cling to the leaves of plant making it wet.
if five minutes where dem last five minutes of my life   if i died in five minutes i would   kiss my kid hold on to my wife i'd call my mom   forever forever
I had a red-eye from the kick and start pills I used,  coupled with a red hot bonner. It was half past six and I had gone 6 rounds,  lubricants from my last condom drained out.
pastel colors brush the sky as water color memories fall on my cheeks the sun sets on all things even dreams i must wake and realize i am sick i am dying i have to leave   breathe.
In empty space, we’re forced to roam The vessel’s engine a high pitched shrill In search of that which resembles home   As complex as the human genome
One word SEAL What does that mean to you? To me SEAL It stands for SErious Exceptional Astounding Love for Humanity. A true seal Is ready to lay down his life
One word SEAL What does that mean to you? To me SEAL It stands for SErious Exceptional Astounding Love for Humanity. A true seal Is ready to lay down his life
Perhaps we fall in love to easy Perhaps it's just a disease maybe Believing what we want to believe Just to be at peace Trapped us in our mentalities
Give me my inhaler in my asthma attack. Set me free, jailer I want my breath back.   Air can't come in, my lungs won't let it. Time is wearing thin, in this deep, dark pit.  
leave no trace hear the chest rise and fall the laugh echoing underneath the soles of feet camouflaging as pulses and hiding as dust
Dear Death,   It's me again. I know we talk a lot these days. I'm back to ask the same thing as always. Please don't take her from me.   She's so young. She's so kind and sweet. She's talented and ambitious  And so very strong.    But she can't ke
Sitting in the coffee shop Where once we’d smile My heart did a little hop I saw her for the first time in a while   My hands were shaking 
Abigail SullivanPart 1: A Letter to Cerebral Ameloid Angiopathy. Out of nowhere, you chose my dad as a potential victim to interrogate.
  It’s so cold here, I feel like it’s ice, This weight that’s bearing down, It’s fast and precise.
I know that look in your eye. That you want to cry, that you’re scared to die.   But have no fear, Dear. Do you know why? All your troubles will pass by, I promise you that is no lie.
  in autumn i think of you. the way a leaf browns, curls up, and floats along wind, rustle becoming tremor becoming fall—  
To my ex: I let you put me in that dark little corner and just above me hung a mobile of bones -- it drew the breath straight from my lungs.   Silent whispers slithered in and out my ears,
I look not ill But diseased I am, Said the physician. Struggling to comprehend His vague words I inquire his meaning. Complex names to Complex illnesses Enter one ear
​ When I was 5 I learned what real tears were My dad held my mom, her cheeks beating and tears streaming As an adolescent I couldn't tell what this fear was for
How can I explain how I’m feeling? How can I say to you that I’m going insane? How can I speak of my desires? When your desire is for me to be a liar? How can I chill? When all I have in my soul is fire?
Depression is not eating for days. Depression is greasy, unbrushed hair. Depression is laying on the couch for hours, crying, fighting an internal battle to get up and do something.
An outbreak of an illness may cause several people harm to those who surround the infected. The case began with students on a campus who visited the informatory at the same time, as these students suspected
My father loved a lot of girls He has the kindest heart But he fell in love with a certain girl  Who tore his life apart She went by many names I liked not a single one 
The world I live in grows dimmer each dayOver time my sight just fades awayAs blindness moves in I take a step backKnowing that darkness is on the attackBut will it be so bad to live like this
The morning I grew sober was like none other before. One day the snow was heavy, and the next my worries had ceased. I was a new man: outspoken instead of quiet, kind instead of moody.
Please don’t make fun of me When I say I’m a vegan Because you say you love Fluffy
You are dying so I LIVE, breathe Alpha 1 antitrypsin deficiency It has a fancy name But I just call it K I L L
weary is just not the word I am inside another Friday night and trudging through an anger at myself that only I can understand all of these weeks, making myself sicker because of my own stupidity 
My disease is a giant puzzle. A garden puzzle, containing varying shades of green, some specs of pink and blue. I have a few pieces; some are part of the big picture, others are completely irrelevant.
You are a disease Infesting the corners of my mind Rotting my perception of others Lingering in the darkest places
Tell me,  What do you see as the end of the world? Will we cook ourselves in the toxins we've unleashed into the air? Will we poison our food and water with fuel spills? Will we kill ourselves in war?
I must say that love is a disease it can bring us to our highest so fast but destroy us all with ease And after that, not even a second do we last
It's labored breathing and breaking heartsIt's not know where tostart with goodbyesIt's teardrops and achy chestsIt's losing the only reasonyou had left.It's sick daysand sick leaves
Poetry cannot be taught, nor beauty be described Neither can you see in me something that defined The colors of my skin. Scars are tattoos in many ways - permanent and painful.
Blood drips from murderous assaults Onto the rich soil of the earth Its crimson essence cries to all That Life will no longer give birth
I've tried so hard to silence the silenceI've waited so long and haven't seem much but little ripples in the darknessI'm not satisfiedI'm not OK with what I've been taught to think is real. 
  Dearest Love.
Diseases are taking overAnd sicknesses have prevailedIn this chemical world of oursMan playing God has failed.And it's not just the pills we takeBut the chemicals in our stuff
A rosebush--
I think I might have just been  born of a disease. A disease where slowly my  flesh peels away  at the slightest remarks.  Where my eyes become to full and my heart become to weak
My mother and I walked around outside before her death. She smelled of industrial waste. But I tell myself she smelled like flowers, anyways. ---
I was seven years old when it happened Wondering what I did to deserve this? How could a kid like me live with this disease? Walking into the clinic ready to give up, All they wanted was for me to give them blood.
The sickness corrupted everything, 
It was once like Ebola A fear of instant death   It changed our lives forever The thought of it makes us shiver   Some still fear the name Others fear the shame   We call it AIDS
I’m crying for a woman that I don’t know.
I keep blocking it out Tying not to hear it Can't face the truth Can't bear to stand it   Trying to stay strong But it's so hard to do Because I can't help but hurt
At ten years old, Little did I know that a hospice was a place to die. It sounded like hospital. Just take off the a, the l, the t, And tack on an extra c and e. I thought it was another place to get better,
I am silent I am mysterious Sometimes you can't even find me, but when you do I scare you! You try to get rid of me and sometimes I fade away But what's gone at this time can always come another day
They say everyone has a testimony, and a story that will break your heart. My little sister had cancer. Her hair would fall out and she was weak, so fragile that it was hard for her to walk. I couldn't understand at first why God had chosen her.
as if the bruises from my self conscious's grip weren't enough of a reminder of these 
Attack. So much ferocity in one word. Attack. It usually means war. Attack. Would you do it in your own home? No. You attack the enemy. The intruder. You don't attack your friend.
What will I tell my children 15 years from now?  My brave 8 year old boy and his sweet 5 year old sister? "Why mommy, is daddy away all the time?" They ask: "Because he is catching the bad guys" 
Struggling constantly Through this relentless fight This battle won't kill me I will climb past this height   I'm scared of the outcome I fight to overcome it My heart beats like a drum
Head held high I walk through the halls, I am who I am. Tired but proud, in this place I am small, I am who I am.  Monitors beep while sick children sleep, I listen carefully.
If I had the chance, I would take a stance. Make myself be heard, find a cure. The numbers are soaring, parents are mourning. Lives are impacted each day. But you see, no ear will hear,
A disease, That no ones knows, But it stings like bees, Yet still no one sees.   My father, Has this curse, He looks at his daughter, She knows it hurts.  
My hands have never known love
  Our hands will never break apart
Your soft tiny hands, Your soft tiny feet, Your cute baby face, No one can ever compete.   Those cute tears that rolls down
What has this world become?  There are just so many things they            stay away from.    All of these v i r u s e s   s p r e a d i ng 
Eternity... Eternity, means forever forever greatful will I be greatful I am for this life given this life given is one that has been borrowed borrowed from your radient golden rays of sunshine  
Sometimes I get horrible waves of deep, deep sorrow. They come on soft,
Content is a disease that kills human ambition.   It keeps the questioning man, question less.   It keeps the curious man, curious less.  
Voices and ventilators echo, Through suffocating hallways, As I walk in a long beige coat, My hair a shoddy bun.   Skin transparent, Veins blue, Blood burning, Clawing to my center,
This is for the man on the corner of First and Dunn with a sign that breaks hearts and makes everybody run home to their heaters and high-tech computers
I write to release the anger and anguish of a childhood lost. I write to tell the story of becoming a mother and father to a baby brother at the age of thirteen.
All the radiation, chemo, and every pill,  Through your smile shined such strong will.  It gets harder to breathe every breath of air. You skin goes pale, and slowly starting to lose your hair.
  I feel my toes go numb as my stride lands on the cold bare tile floor. Pondering the plain white walls with my tired eyes I find the window in the far corner.
If I could but for one moment keep at bay the pain, the suffering, the sorrow If I could but for one moment Still the tempest Bring back the blush of life into the cold pale faces
I rise and so I stand. I stand, because I can. breath of life in the morning I awake. as the wind blows I smile, in which, It comforts my mistakes. lessons to be learned, always enough to be taught,
  My way of life And your way of life Are two different ways of living. Where my dreams are reality And yours are solely nonfiction, Imagination forms a line That borders this idea  
Not many people have experienced true loneliness It comes with the feeling of hopelessness And makes you feel completely empty inside It will make you want to curl up in a corner
*for my mother*    Yellow light casts its glow across the halls, ghoulish, Empty except for the sounds of whirring machines and soft feet. The halls open into a room where skeletons reside,
She stared in the mirror wanting moreMore of what she lostThe world was mocking herCracks formed on the glass of her skinShe ran from the image and fellBetrayed by her body holding her down
I live in a house with a white picket fence. My dog adores me. I have a Mom and a Dad. They love each other. I have a brother. He plays America’s favorite pastime. We go to church. We are “normal”.
The third of the three sibling to a he and she I am the smallest my mind is most free I daydream they play each day we wither away even as i dream
Love is not a kiss and a hug. Love is expressed though a kiss and a hug. Love is a treasure often kept close. It is more than an emotion, it gives hope.
The little red spot wouldn't go away It decided to grow and grow and grow I found it in March, but waited 'till May I was a fool I know I know The red spot became two, then three, then four
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