to: Olivia

When I was 5 I learned what real tears were

My dad held my mom, her cheeks beating and tears streaming

As an adolescent I couldn't tell what this fear was for

Until my arm was tied, blood drawn and a machine was beeping


I've got 4 sisters and two were cursed

We were all tested and sampled

One coughed more than the other so the docs when in to take a look

The doc said step up on the mantle

With cold hands he told her to breathe, he felt cautiously

By the look on his face, clearly she was no good


Her frame is frail and has long blonde hair

She has coconut butter skin and emerald colored eyes


She could walk past you and you wouldn't even tell the difference

Under her sleeve she's running an I-V just to go the distance

Her lung functions at 20% and it's not very consistent

The money's tight and would really appreciate some assistance


Through it all she's always been a fighter

Even when the thicks went thin she was the first to crack a smile


She had to be that way growin up

She had tubes in her mouth and doc's inside to take a look

In the winter her body couldn't take the cold, so she just laid there frozen and her body shook

Two weeks passed and the doc's came in to take a look

She stopped breathin the line went straight the stress was cooked

Sweat beads mother eyes and a fathers push

C'mon baby don't leave us now you were doin' so good


23 years later and everybody is doin' good

I'm not surprised she's always done the best that she could

With all my heart I hope she makes it through womanhood

I'm sick of the doctor visits and sick of her being misunderstood


No job or outsider knows the struggles of it

Her chest percussions cough of plegm and breathing treatments

They sorta help but what's it gonna take for you to believe it

It's not your family so it takes a lot to make you see it


How hard would you fight

If a disease hit you with a left

What would you do to hit it with a right

Would you lay in bed and bitch why life hit you up with so much stife

Or would you walk through the rain and into the night

Grab it by the throat and stab its neck with a knife

Or sit there hopeless counting days wasting your life


My sister has always been a fighter

There's no one else in the world that I'd choose to admire

When you leave this room choose to which you desire

A life unfulfilled or one that's so empowering it could be blasted through an amplifier

This poem is about: 
My family


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