A Letter to Death

Dear Death,   It's me again. I know we talk a lot these days. I'm back to ask the same thing as always. Please don't take her from me.   She's so young. She's so kind and sweet. She's talented and ambitious  And so very strong.    But she can't keep fighting you off. You've been following her for two long years. And as strong as she is, she's getting tired. And I'm worried about her.   I know you don't understand grief or pain, Sorrow or love, Friendship or joy. Let me try to explain it.    She's my best friend, For thirteen long years she's been there By my side,  A constant source of comfort and friendship.    When I cry, she wipes my tears. When I laugh, she's laughing too. When I'm mad, she supports me. When I'm afraid, she comforts me.    I can't imagine my life without her, But standing in this hospital room I'm confronted by this terrible fear. And I don't know what to do.    Death, I'm begging you. She has so much more to offer to the world. She's a talented artist. Did you know that Death?    Even with your figure looming above her, She's smiling and laughing. I know you can see her. It's admirable that she's not afraid of you. But I am.    I'm terrified that you're going to steal her Before her time. Before I'm ready. Before she's ready.    I don't know if you can hear me. You haven't left her alone yet, But you haven't taken her either. So maybe these pleas are working.    So dearest Death, I'm not going to stop. Not till she's better. Not till you've left her.   Please leave her alone.

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