Let It Out

How can I explain how I’m feeling?

How can I say to you that I’m going insane?

How can I speak of my desires?

When your desire is for me to be a liar?

How can I chill?

When all I have in my soul is fire?

All my life I fight these demons.

But I feel alone: ripped at the seams.

This pain I feel,

Is not only physical.

The pain I feel is also spiritual.

I have hopes and dreams.

But it’s all taken from me.

I have deceived destiny,

Or so it may seem.

I overcame all odds.

I am a miracle.

But what does that mean?

My fate is a continuum.

I am in a time-lapse.

I continue to lose the battle.

No I don’t mean of raps.

No I don’t mean my confidence rattles.

I mean I fight everyday with my health,

My body and soul.

I fight everyday to not feel so cold.

I fight everyday to find a reason.

I fight everyday and that’s why I’m bold.

I don’t need to hear the words.

I know I disappoint.

Every look I get hurts like a sword,

A sword ripping through me.

I keep hoping everyone sees.

That I keep fighting,

Even if it’s just for glory.

I will not continue to bore you all,

With my pain, my story.

This poem is about: 
My family


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