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                                                   Where are You? You must be at war
No mustard bombs are droppedNo audible or silent shots are firedNo planes are necessarily blown or hiredNo flags are deliberately flown or flappedNo soldiers crossed the borders
It Seems That MANY Place WEALTH... On A HIGHER Shelf Than Their Personal Health... ? So I Guess They Can’t Tell That This May Not Serve Well... ?!? ESPECIALLY Now That Corona’s Around... !!!
As the clock ticks away with the Nick of time, Health is wealth knowest thou all for to live quite sublime, Rich or the poor none have the desire to keep the health in prime,
Monster Alexis Beyers   There was a monster starving within, never satisfied with what I gave to him.
As Heaven and Hell, I have no wealth.  My soul is rich, dear, Take my self. In place of thrones, I offer bones Superior to  Precious stones.  Unlike Gems and wreaths of gold,
The water is too murky The water is too gray. The water is too polluted. To see the fish at bay. For the fisherman had never thought That his fish would have never been caught
the dead leaves know so little the swine and their eager snouts scour the pile, although too brittle swarming minds with no doubts  
You have died Not in the literal sense But in my heart You have perished You did not take a gun to your head Or swallow a handful of pills To choose to end your life
I held my champagne glass high A man made a witty toast, We all laughed in agreement. And then we raised the liquid to our lips   As I looked around the vast living room,
A Wise Man is the Common Man; and the common be the wise One sits lavished in a chair, while the other bites back at his demise You cannot say this is not true; for a strong truth brings the lie
Dazzled in wealth with milk and honey flowing, I look to my face   Silk from head to toe no corn in my row but my emotions have no place   at the mountain top, success on the clock with no sense of direction
A Business Calamity By: Jake P   Attractive to All Apparently Altering Animals Artificially At this Aside   Best of the “Bad” Bettering Beasts By Battery Believing it Brave
I should not be bitter I should not be green I do not even know my fate  But I see you around the globe I see you. I see your charmed life I see your opportunities I see
Closed walls, walled hearts narrow halls, hollow parts. A man alone, set apart Black Turnstone, hidden heart. High throne, thin skin
The more you live to love and give, the better off you'll beInstead of living more to take and "What's in it for me."Though looking out for number one may guarantee survival
“It doesn't matter,” she tried then laughs it off  As if it doesn’t matter It could be different, but still, it wouldn’t matter to her if it did or didn’t in my eyes Cause where’s the relevance to her?
One day I met a kingAnd asked him why he cried. ''There isn't gold enough,'' he said, ''To leave it all behind'' -- 
To be known in a world of lost souls, means nothing if you have no goals. When we walk outside of our comfort zone, we find that in the road to success you can be alone. With negativity comes a life of sorrow,
War child , she was merely just a kid with a heart  of steel when the people lost their livelihood whilst she kept it real, saw soldiers die on the streets
One day I will be a guidance counselor One day I will be so much more But most of all One day, I will be rich   I would be the richest person in the world
We all want that one job. That is easy, stress free, but most of all makes us wealthy. We all want that one job,  That keeps us out of debt, we could spend whatever amount of money and still have some left.
What can a dollar do? Pay for lunch, A car, College. Well, maybe not a dollar Though at least it helps. But while we eat and drive and learn A child dies from hunger A woman wishes
You have a million things crossing your mind.time, money, bills, and schooling.So many things that you have to keep track of.As soon as you lose grip you're losing sight of. 
So I'm white I must have it easy.   Are you sure? Or is it the wealthy you're thinking of?   It's not their skin. It's the money, education, and opportunity.    
Tears, lies, gossip, and drama every day in my school... Rumors start simply because people think they're "cool". To stay out of it and avoid it is what I decide. I wouldn't want to be responsible
Do you know who you are? Tell the truth since the truth is a heavy matter Are you as chill and sleek as your car?   Or do you see yourself as scattered and splattered
Define success: Fame and Fortune, currency and connections. Define success: A bigger salary, better house, more things. Define success: Free money, hand-outs, favors, all take and no give. no.  
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Looking up into the sky, Seeing towers that offer dreams. The American Dream within your hand. Comfort, luxury, could it be a dream? What seems like a dream is nothing, Nothing but slavery in disguise!
Because the American Dream is hardly a dream Working two jobs, a nightmare it seems Bills upon bills, taxes upon taxes, Living middle class, far from the wealthy status.  
Bright flashing gold and green hypnotic, It’s plain this substance is narcotic.   Desire that we can’t ignore, The more we have, the more we adore,
Happiness is a feeling not a destination.So why do we keep searching on a path full of limitations.Searching in objects becomes our new motivation to move up an elevation. Because tv ads have provided us with this generalization.
I have met the ugliest man That ever has survived His cheeks are sallow holes And his hair has never thrived   Upon his fingers delicate Sit the rings of fortune and fame
Rise Above By Brandon Motter
School is out of my budget But the rich love it The poor hate it Because I can't make it The rich laugh at my struggle While the poor support my hustle I live within my means
man you KNOW that ain’t your house on mtv cribs. I bet you don't even watch mtv. You and your girl each got like 3 kids, and both ya’ll together made less than 3 hits.
Why can't that be me with the looks and the charm? Friends in vast places Skills and a swift mind Creativity, athleticism, and all
i've heard that fame isn't everything but i want it all i will admit i'm shallow completely devoted to aesthetics cold as ice and hedonistic too is it so wrong to live in pursuit of pleasure?
Sitting on the windowsill, she could see the massive House, with its azul swimming pool. Cool. These lawyers and bankers and doctors With their trophy wives taking dives, Into the drink. It made her think
I was surprised. I hadn't realized how far I'd come. How selfish I'd become in the process. Only thinking about myself. I was ugly. I was fat. There was a facade put up between me and them. That's the only way they would have been my friend.
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