Rise Above

Rise Above
By Brandon Motter

Passing blame to innocence,
And crushing dreams with anger,
Violence has no place,
In the lives of our children,
In the lives of us all,
Think of how the world would be,
If every being took the hand of those next to them!,
One Land!
Mighty would everyone stand!

But conflicts, fighting, arguments,
All used for power, control, dominance,
Engulfed in deceit, the lies they bought,
But what really comes of the evil they unleash,
As it hurts the innocent, they get richer,
And as it burns the people’s will,
They get bigger and stronger,
But all along the way,
Their wealth makes them poor,
Their evil hearts make them weak,

So through the ashes left behind,
Of wicked ways and deceitful tongues,
Rise the ones, who have not faltered,
Walking strong in the light,
Standing on a firm foundation,
Forever in the presence of glory,
The only Holy one,
The great and powerful presence,
Of the One who was, is, and yet to come.


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