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You like boys right? Uh yeah, I do. Have you found one yet? Not yet but maybe soon!   You like girls too? Yeah, that’s true!
For once I’m actually happy Despite all the shit that happens, She makes my day better   It doesn’t matter if my parents don’t “agree” with it My dad and I butt heads all the time
typewriters and rainbows and there isn’t any rain here now poetry and books and your hand finding mine on the drive home street light shooting stars
I sometimes wish I could still do All the romantic things I used to back in the day Sail away with the captors of my heart and start a new A life without the chains I once had
“Hi I’m Gisselle! What’s your name?” “I’m izzy!” “I think you’re really pretty can I have your number?”   The first interaction with the girl of my dreams. You saw me through the sea of rainbow flags, 
We sat togetherfingers intertwinedlegs swinging overthe ledge,the edge of abyss(of bliss?)no space between
You say my sexuality isn't valid You say I'm "confused" "Going through a phase" "Wanting attention" "Don't have enough experience to know" "Not sure yet" "Too young" "Faking it"
I wish she tasted like cherry A hopeless, cliche, passion So I don the cherry chapstick For a bittersweet illusion   Her velvety lips are strawberry I don't mind strawberry
i was sitting in the car thinking about you looking at out text convorsation hushing and blushing without a clue   when i realized it i was bout' to scream this was unexpected
i think in poems when i see you four lines stanzas that all begin in how beautiful you are… and how cliché that is   in my metaphors
You come into this world with the reassurance of acceptance and love.
I am trapped in the closet, Such a scary place, With monsters around me, About to bite my face.   I hold on for dear life, Day after day, Waiting, just waiting, Will I fade away?  
Once upon a time, queerness was considered a crime Rainbows and queer knowledge was forbidden However, no one saw what was coming at the time A queer teen did not expect what was about to be given  
Live in a world where religion is a parody of its own meaning.Where true love is called perversion,And a preference is classified as a sickness.Where our young are nothing but impressionable
When I look in the mirror  I see a face rottiong away  I don't know who she is  But I know it's not who I am    What am I?  Who is she?  Why's this mirror always lying to me ?   
Seems like forever A boy with a Peter Pan face Walked into my life   A split across the people The candidates speak on TV A passion is born   Feel the Bern I’d shout
I remember the colour of her eyes Staring up with me with more heat than that Summer day. All the fire, All the passion, All the greens and browns and golds.
I was declared a Teenage attention seeker the day I came out as Transgender, because just being LGBT+ Was suddenly in style.  As though my gender was a prize to be sold to the next person that claimed it theirs.
I always looked to the future sadly Quickly two years seemed to pass me I survived, here I am, I am happy. I talk more now, to them, my dear friends
  I'm here to warn you about a monster ,well not really a monster...more like a disease.
"Wow, that's pretty brave. Chancing on your mom walking in On you shoving a dildo Into your girlfriend."   The alarm screaming, burning eyes After not once allowing my brain to dip into sleep
Once- the kiss was okay, We had just come back from the fair and I couldn’t resist his blue eyes, Smirking grin staring like me like we were about to explore a whole new chapter
  Every time someone would ask me my sexuality, I would feel the words get caught in my throat And I’d try my hardest not to swallow them down.
High and bright in the sky. Girl you always there to light up my night. So unique in the way you're made. So beautiful in your ever glowing ways.   Always there for people to make wishes.
I was not beautiful. I am not beautiful. I will never be beautiful. But I could be thin. It began as a whisper It grew louder, it spoke to me Until every day it was a Screaming in my ear,
I'm Seventeen. I talked to my counselor today. The school won’t let me back to class without a note from a therapist;
Hey Mom, hey Dad it's your only girl again. I know I've caused you...well a fair share of pain. Now bear with me, This isn't easy.. Please just sit... Wait for me to catch my breath.
If this title defines who I am to society, Shouldn't it speak volumes? It should -  But fuck society! I am a proud, closeted pansexual With a romantic heart and a dirty mind.
When I was a little girl I was scaredto tell the world that the other little girldown the road had a crush on me.Because I was worried that cruel peoplewould mock her or through stonesas she passed by,
Dear God, This is a letter from your queer daughter. Wait, hold up did this girl just say queer? "You are not a child of God!" Someone shouts! Oh shut up! This is my letter. Anyway you know I grew up in church
See my hands bound so tight Securely hidden Behind my back So I just sit here and fight You don't know how it is to be gay In an society Where you have to hide Your love everyday You don't know how hard I try To show you that
I try to stand upright, but I just keep falling. I try to keep the blade away, but I just keep bleeding. I try not to puke, but my throat is raw. I try to care, but I just can't.
Saddened self harmers, Battling bulimics, Angsty anorexics, Isolated insomniacs, Scared schizophrenics, Lonely lesbians, Gloomy gays, Battling bisexuals, Troubled transexuals,
I can't get my words out because the constrictor in my throat is begging my silence to keep it company. Because they're bigger than me and their burns sting like the cigarettes they want me to be So I stay silent
A twisting lock of hair falls round your face A shield of purple lacquer coats your nail As desperately I need to know my place I try and try and try to no avail.  
Sitting on the red bench The busted, rusted, nasty school bench The place I used to go when the teacher had enough of me What an ugly word Benched.   Sitting on the red bench
In a world of grey,  The dull charcoal of a city sidewalk,  Life bursts through.  Small and insignificant.  And from the cracks,  Color seeps.  A million shades,  And one of them, I. 
My eyes are green My makeup is black My hair is blonde And my thoughts are back ………………………… My soul is blue
Her hair is short And bitter sweet Her eyes are red She doesn’t sleep ……………………………………….. She lay awake
     We burned like neon            Bright and quick                   Captivating                          Exhilirating                                Lips forever chapped
PrejudiceHateSo wrongWhat gives you the rightTo decide who I love?What gives you the rightTo detest me for my differences?What tells you that it's okayYou tell me I'll never be loved
  Every hour of Every day through All the years One question twirled through My mind   What am I?   And on the Twelfth hour of A random day I
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