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The wonderful Zeus would have the courage to leave his phone opened, 
To be the one who speaks to a goat to see it turn into a pink goddess to bestow upon me a crown of flowers and blessings and luck for life? A green goddess would suffice too I suppose.
I knew he would be bad for me.I knew his gentle touch would one day make me bleed. Shining barely out of reach.I prayed for him to see me, waiting patiently.
We all know of Ares, the God of war. Everyone feared him while his soul was poor. The God was a always a brute, but now he is back in orange skin and a black suit.  
How could Cupid be so naive shooting an arrow  that bound you to me. 
Hades Kidnapped Persephone. Watched her tend to beautiful flowers. Her lively appearance entranced him. Then without a care for her feelings,
Ptah, that’s my name, I’m the grandest of the rappers and I got a big game.   Once, I made things just by speaking
There is a problem. Well, there are a lot of problems, but pretend for now that they are all just one big problem. One Problem. (Do you know what it is?) (Imagine it isn’t what you think)
A constellation bright and bold Walks among the stars. Like tapestries, his cloth unfolds, He sips the dust of Mars. Lightning cracked upon his name
The clatter of small feet on the wooden platform Echoed through the Dig Site.  “Gather around,” The archeologist from the far-flung future  Told the grade-school students.  “We have an interesting piece for you.”
A rural road is filled with holes By a field where wheat stalks grow   Windblown grass will dance and sway And Cerenox come out to play   Children of the grain and night
I’m sure all humans would repent if he was real: the Midgard Serpent. He lives in the sea and sleeps well but if he awoke we’d meet a freezing hell. The pollution of the ocean poisons the earth
Be careful, my son Do not stray too near the sun Else you may fall and rise no more.   A shake of the head, a smile.   Do not worry, my father Icarus shall bear me high on sturdy wings
The mighty Mars marches marvelously Onward! Onward! His old age is a facade In the new age with new weaponry Comes a new war god  
On the edge of this realm, there sits the Architect He creates an intricate universe that he works to perfect Taking a firm hand, his tools to every aspect There is not one atom he seems to neglect
Deep down in the ocean where the blue and black meet There's a wonderous creature very known but unique  Comes out during the day and sleeps through the night  Hiding in the shadows, out of the humans' plain sight
If Medusa was a modern-day woman, I imagine she would be a part of the MeToo movement.  
Dramatis Personae   Spartans: Bri Lawrence Alex Aaron
He was the only brother to not be praised. He was the only brother to not be phased. He was the only brother to show his true face.  "This time on The Gods of Land"
Echo, the beautiful cheerleader, loved to talk And once she had the last word, away she would walk. During cheer practice, Hera passed by looking for her boyfriend
Usually it’s when two people love each other, That ultimately leads to the birth of another, But these two girls weren’t made that way, And oh, did the king’s wife have a lot to say.
What if the Gods and Goddesses of mythology were living in our modern day? Would we see Ares, God of War, cheering during football games or rugby games? Would the weather be thunderstorms daily because of Zeus?
(Her)a  Her, The queen bee, The popular girl, Dating the popular boy, She has everything a girl could ever want,
Lossing the shoe to finding the guy stuck sleeping to prevailing for loving life apple you bite to the prince who kissed you goodnightlove and hope prevail with all its mightThe fear you had for the beast he became your loveTo the three little pig
Hera put her foot down. Zeus didn’t understand her frown: “It was just a night on the town!”   It was never the last time, Though he swore it on every dime
This is the tale of Hermes The messenger of the gods His puckish sensibility Often kept him at odds   His spirit is that of a traveler
This is the tale of Hermes The messenger of the gods His puckish sensibility Often kept him at odds   His spirit is that of a traveler
He Rose from the Sea Bejeweled and Bedecked A Mission in Teaching He Slid Through the Doors Thinking He was Still King Only to Find In this New Place He was Not Once King Once Not
As her hips sway to rhythm of song, She mischievously tempts young fools along.  Her matted mound of curly hair And viscious, cold, icy glare Leaves all the men imobile as stone
For many this is a dreadful place But for him it is so much more A place where all the rooms are brightly colored  The halls filled with frowns  And a boy with a glim in his eye
Hercules JohnstonKnown throughout Olympus High as "Herc"The classic jock: strong, athletic, popularRevered far and wide for his incomparable strengthBut his true strength is lesser known
The man signs the contract With a pen full of blood A snap and it's gone He sits up and looks towards the sky In a dark office, the CEO resigns The ruler of the Underground is a buisness man
This is a tale Of challenge and trial One of great hope And the world’s denial   A young man by the name Of David Smith Sam Who decided to make A wicked new jam  
In high school Athena is known for her wisdom. always soaring never plummeting. Competing with Ares for the ultimate win. Focus and fearless as an owl cunning as a snake she always wears pure white, 
I was unaware of your tricks and schemes from the beginning, but now I am more talented than Orpheus himself. You see, I watched you lure many girls towards you,
Emerald eyes A gloss strewn across them Souls, they see through Transparent as glass   Teeth Talons Larger than men Sharper than the sharpest blades Jagged, yet sharp to a point
Her voice so loudly echos throught the room Such haunting beauty that lulls you close Her voice is the choir on its own Her choir robe sways gently with her serenity Others in robes stared at her in awe and jelously
Like emotion and color Time is a lie It puts into perspective Death and Life Black and White Night and Day
Another fetid shore to cleanse Of refuse and debris that once  Again have been so carelessly Neglected by those mortal beings. With trident at the ready and A forceful wave or two so he,
Aphrodite is out of touch, almost the Paris Hilton of Greece, yet acts like the 70’s never ended; free love, and the future is bright. Whether that is good or bad, up to you.  
9 Muses were the foundation But she was the key They fit together like a lock Holding life intricately
We all live a lie Ms.Riding hood was scared The  innocent  lies the most snakes I fell for it so did you we buy the lie so did adam and eve they swore it was clean pure bliss 
A brush of foundation paints over her spotted face, a streak of contour sharpens her too round cheeks  a stroke of eye shadow  brigthens her dull eyes as a smear of lipstick
Winter is a long night, a slow death The ending of Summer’s breath Two seasons does there exist
Soft Girl Persephone Pastels and Pink; hair and Flower crowns Pastels and Gold; dresses and hair clips Pastels and Pink; blush and eyeshadow  Soft Girl Persephone, Queen of the Underworld 
Rumplestiltskin Say his name and he will appear He can do anything you please Magical hands
Lost in the surf he rode the waves and took the tides with him Black and blue he withdrew and the light faded crimson He had no heart yet in him grew the love for the ocean
A master programmer, No coder like her, Arachne, the code entrepreneur.   She weaves new sites, pictures and videos with delight, a sight to satisfy one's appeitite.  
My hero, your hero There it is for everyone to enjoy For me, it takes two minutes to reach For you, it might take three But at the end, we all meet in the dream universe Saving us from the worldly issues
Zeus lounges in the booth of a bar Beard scraggly, teeth yellowed  He smiles at women who sip vodka and martinis.
The Opaque Empress came from beyond the air 
My name is Orpheus  I'm very soft and sad I write music on my guitar I often think it's bad My instagram fans disagree They know me as the "sad boy" They stream all  my music
Attacked on the steps of my own church,  I sought the guidance of god. She granted me protection,  A shield turned weapon, to turn the head of any attacker,
He follows the winds on waters and waves, Oft dragging fishers to their murky graves. He’s an old, frog-faced man with green and black scales,
There once was a queen Who was very mean Amara was her name Tricks were her game Her tricks were sly And she could fly She was above the rest For no one good best her
Listening to the pouring rain,  he’d felt as if his feelings were lost in the drain. Midas couldn’t obtain his pot of gold. For she was one with a heart of cold,  He wept and he cried; he saw devils eyes,
Any fleeting semblance of reason was lost when the humans hid in isolation beneath the earth. A global putrefaction followed by lawless flames, the few who lived are those that ran, forgetful of their past lives.
aphrodite she struts into the clubstealing all the hearts as she does many know heras she owns a beauty empiremakeup, skincare, hair care and moreshe owns it all
  Eyes of the beholder, eyes that behold a story of fashion and fame untold Arachne, a model, presented with flare to the crowds which applauded her seasonal wear.
Stories foretold countlessly Of the Women who took pictures doubtlessly Of the Women who need not a filter Who walk around like weight lifters  
Gods of bronze, stone, and gold, Whose temples stand high,  As churches change time, Inspiring hearts of the beaten and beating - As spears fall and lyres stall - Athena still stands tall.  
My name is OSHUN, I am my own queen, I am my own God,  I have my own kingdom to run, Stuck in this changing world, with changing rules, loses its taste of fun,
You'd think moving place from place would give one experience, but that right there, that's where you thought wrong.  Traveling in circles, almost reaching home,
The gods are long forgotten, Mankind pushing them away in selfish pursuits, The gods remain though, never abandoning foolish man.   The attentive eye may catch them, Hiding in plain sight.  
It was so dark and cold But he wanted me here She was so lovely and had to be mine I'm the god from beneath the earth, but its so lonely He said my mother is sad and he'd take me back
Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a pail of water Jack fell down and broke his crown So Jill came tumbling after. Jill up to run, called 911, and frantically waited,
There is a small sleepy town in the middle of nowhere. Most would think nothing ever happens out there. They would be wrong as this town is anything but ordinary.
It wasn’t my fault.  Or maybe it was.  That’s what they tell me, anyway.   Did you say no? No, I-
When they announced a great war   That seemed to be the end Pack your bags— Start the draft— Pray a last time…   Eons, millenia, 
Now, Medusa was never thought To be the one, oh so hot! Or the one that caught a glance
The silence is deafening The walls are cold and lined with cracks I can still see his face in the water I’m alone   This place is broken and worn
Eternal love,  far greater than eternal glory. Their love, burns brighter than any story. Two soldiers in war, brothers in arms in the light, lovers at night. Hidden love, Forbidden love,
In the distance, a hearth Drawing me A beacon solely A tailor fitted solution To cast worries and inabitions Tips froze, paralyzed   A cacoffiny of loneliness but saftey  
God of the underworld feared by all The mortals think I am the cause of their death, but they just want someone else to blame I am as in much control as the annoying fly buzzing around your head 
Peaches bring forth into my mind glimpses of Eve, unaware of the billions of women she condemned with that first bite.
  He smiles and looks around The wounds of the battle are heal, But he all alone with his dog He looks up and smile How am i so lonely boy,
Prometheus now free from chains roams with us humans in our plains enjoying the power of fire he once gave we blessing for his save by feeding him canes beacause if not for his fire 
Troy was the strongest of them all The city that was unbreakable behind a wall Who would’ve knew that greek would make the great city fall
The original barista is no other than Ixkakaw Wearing a green apron and having her hair put up in a bun She’ll try to remember your order But it is easier said than done
El Cucuy is known as the bag man, and he is viewed as the bad man, Children fear him because of the spooky story their parents recite to them, It's always, "Be good or El Cucuy will eat you."
At the dawn of creation, as the gods formed a hundred million galaxies, there also formed with them our blazing and bold sun. This newly formed orb began to rise from the horizon line of our Earth,
  Once the god of the underworld.  A masterful villain; a misunderstood fiend, Who fell in love with Penelope His lust followed him throughout the years.  His malcontent left him with many tears. 
Some time ago, Someone once said, Look in the mirror, with Bloody Mary in attend, Three times the charm, and happiness will shed. Now it is said, As time has past, Open your phone,
Helen of Troy was once known as Helen of Sparta.  It all began when Helen was dating Menelaus, who was the leader of the Spartan gang. Everyone thought Helen was effortlessly georgeous.  
  Even in its drunken state, the dragon seemed awake. Those fierce jaws gaped wide, Blood and saliva dripping down, And its tongue rolled in lust after my flesh.
His eyes do devour I goddess of flower Heat fills me like none before Hades the ravishing god of hell and gore They think I hate it  Live in fear Drown in my tears I love it down here
God of the Sea, an old being and title, something that he used to be A powerful trident in hand, trnasformed now into what we most commonly see A fork, yes a fork, that metalic bond of power in the times of hunger
I am not afraid  Of a mirror And its backward ways I am backwards Myself So we are alike   I see it in the corner
My love, lying cold I will live my for you as I pledge on that day Even if our souls are far too tainted to be pure I'll never have a reason not to stay
Though legends of old Are filled with tall tales So many are cold Dead in their graves   Yet one lives on Through tales of war
Thor God of thunder Long red hair Tied upon his head Strongest of all the gods Plays spike ball with his college friends  Protector of mankind Involved in the meme community ”YEET!”
Aphrodite was beautiful She felt he had trapped her So it was no fault of hers when she left him alone   Hephaestus was ugly Burned from the work So it was no fault of hers that he couldn’t satisfy her
The cold air seeps between my window and the steel walls of the jet. It's privet, of course, nothing but his best for me. I can see him looking towards me, wistful. He cannot come from the land of ice and snow.
Three times a week, For an hour a day, Our horrible marriage was put on display.   Feelings come out, And thoughts are spoken, I leave with a heavy heart most times its broken.  
Three times a week, For an hour a day, Our horrible marriage was put on display.   Feelings come out, And thoughts are spoken, I leave with a heavy heart most times its broken.  
Sif was a mighty fine lady whos hair brought proof of her deiity twas long and it flowed  silken golden it glowed and she cared for it lovingly, daily. Could the other Gods guess from the color
My, my in 2019 who possibly could Poseidon be? Apologies, don’t mind me, 2018 was the Aquaman movie. From guardian of the sea to directed in scenes, Not too bad since Jason Momoa is the man of MY dreams
It was in your prime beauty were the problems happened Jealously and forced turned into the monster you never wished to be   He took you in by force and there was no going back  
Nymphs are wicked beings Griffins are flying mammals Centuar are soldiers
The world is melting The air is thin The streets are filled with bloodshed Animals are crying  Plants are dying The world will never be safe again People seek hearts People seek comfort 
To create is his only wish  His only dream, his only desire  To move people with emotion, sound, and color The very things he so beautifully arranges    But she is not just a beautiful thing 
Talking to myself  I don't know which i want more Echo or response.
Talking to myself  I don't know which i want more Echo or response.
lyre , small harp beautiful music he plays beautiful woman to whom he loves Bitten by a snake forever gone mournful blues , sad for days Travels to Hades to reclaim his wife.
lyre , small harp beautiful music he plays beautiful woman to whom he loves Bitten by a snake forever gone mournful blues , sad for days Travels to Hades to reclaim his wife.
What happens when you peel away the layers Scrape away the acrylics Is it a doll inside a doll Inside a doll  All with the same expression
  A bright, beaming smile is thrown to the lens, it’s owner alive with the sense  of recklessness and absurdity  that allowed him such a following. 
The phone’s harsh glow invaded the space Revealing in the dark an olive face While others slept soundly at this hour Inside her fear blossomed and flowered
It was her coffin she carved One of wood and one of stone But it’s the day she died That still lies quite unknown  
Orpheus is a lonely lover though his songs ensnare and entrance.Orpheus can keep no other because he keeps looking back. Orpheus plays his lyre and sings about the love he once had.
Vivi was a dancer Tip, tippity tap Her feet intricately skipped As if she were communicating
Why should we care?   The ground tremors And dust begins to rise. Why, how starry eyed she is Thinking she could sail the skies.  
That big eye watching, Staring down the prisoners. The guard of the cell.
The greatest swimmer of modern times seems as if he's inhuman, also known to be a lover of the sea, loves all the creatures of the land but loves the even more the creatures of the sea, he swims  faster than anyone has ever known not fearing his t
Mothman isn't really scary. He's pretty chill- a very bright personality. Glittering sense of humor. Brilliant intellectual capacity. He's always been seen as big, hulking, awkward; 
Today on Apollo on the air, I’m here to speak to you of art. On the creation and love of poetry and prose—the bindings of my very soul. On such an occasion, when, dear listener, my muse finds me, you may find me:
The room is dark, littered with remains from feasts of old. The pair of men sit side-by-side. Controllers in hand, the mighty heroes' proclaim their glory.   "I am Gilgamesh, the mighty king!
Zeus, oh how powerful and strong,  Zeus, how brave he was,  He posted those pictures,  The ones his followers adored,  And soon that number was rising   Zues, the king of the gods, 
In pristine marble structures that remind him of home   The mighty Titan sits with other mighty men   They speak of weapons They speak of guns   He holds his sickle
I just wanted her back,  Hades stole Eurydice from me.  I want her back, I tried once.  I shouldn't have looked back.  My stolen love   
I am an outcast A menace to society  I am dusa    I used to have fun  And dance at parties  Until he made his pants looser    Athena wanted seidon  seidon wanted me
I am an outcast A menace to society  I am dusa    I used to have fun  And dance at parties  Until he made his pants looser    Athena wanted seidon  seidon wanted me
Beastly figure of snakes and sorrow, Bring me your head, that I may conquer. Once a maiden, sweet and beautiful, Now only a monster, stone and hideous.
Percy Jackson, bravest demigod I know he has had many problems though   Percy Jackson, he has no father he has a mother and step-dad with no honor   
Do you see The issues of today?   Do you see  The problems heading our way?   Yet you sit there High on your chair   Just because you control the storms 
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