Roses Are Red

At the dawn of creation, as the gods formed a hundred million galaxies, there also formed with them our blazing and bold sun.

This newly formed orb began to rise from the horizon line of our Earth,

And travelling up and over the darkened hills, its lovely rays caught up on the clouds

And formed the warm and welcoming colors of romantacism and passion.

These wisps of color were the god's favorite morning and evening view as the sun rose and set each day.

They would often sit and watch intently as the hues changed and swirled untl the darkness settled.

One day the goddess of love and desire, Kyla, decided that she wanted the colors for the love of her life, Rayon.

As the sun began to set on the equinox, she worked quickly to blow away

The clouds of pink, orange, yellow, and red until they all came together

In a swirl of warmth and light caught up in a web that she weaved of her silk robes.

Once she had stolen them away she thought for a moment

About how she should present them to Rayon, the god of all plant life.

She saw a nearby plant that was barren as she looked around for inspiration.

It saddened her to look upon such a sight and she realized then what she must do.

She grabbed a handful of the colorful wisps and began to layer them one by one

Until she made a complex shape that she thought complimented the shrubbery nicely.

But she had reached a dilemma.

How was she to attach her creation to the greenery?

After all, she could hardly present her gift to Rayon yet; it was far too fragile.

So she decided to go see her love that night to try and learn how he made his plants.

She brought with her the colorful creation

Held within a pendant around her neck to protect and coneal it.

She arrived at Rayon's palace and as she kissed him

Upon her entrance she didn't notice as a green bud began to spread

From the creation in her pendant.

As she went into the garden with the love of her life,

She felt the pendant grow warm against chest as she moved closer to him.

Rayon embraced her and he felt the pendant's heat against his chest.

He quickly pulled away

And as he did the pendant was ripped from her necklace and fell to the ground.

It broke open and the bud fell into the dirt.

Rayon exclaimed in shock and was in awe of its beauty

As he watched the bud grow into a bush covered in beautiful colors.

He looked at Kyla with intense fondness and kissed her gently.

"I've always wanted a daughter named Rose," Kyla whispered.

Rayon looked upon her creation, picked a rose off the bush and knelt as he presented it to her.

And as a tear of joy slid down her face and dropped onto the rose,

A beautiful child with rosy cheeks appeared.

Rayon and Kyla wept as they gazed upon their beautiful daughter

And the only word that would come from their mouths was "Rose".

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