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Cracked and held together by glue,Bright and Vivid colors scream at you,They grab your attention,They beg you to stay. Only you can't see the whole picture. 
Listen before you go, stay a little longer. I shall keep you safe and warm. When you are with me you will grow stronger.
  Of all the graceless days That frostbit me grey  Stepping stone ways  ,  Piece by piece I’ve drowned away    I’ve changeling my ways  Negotiating pain with , 
Time heals all She whispers into my  hair  Spinning her words as masterly  As a worm spins it’s silk Honeyed Words to soothe me to sleep I know she’s lying  Time heals ...  Bruises perhaps cuts 
Tell me please,  I beg  How could one worry , How could one distaste? Those lovely little lines  A-crossed your face  Set by deep earth eyes. Those lovely little lines , Just get to me.  
  I’ve planted you a garden  In my heart. And it’s quite unfair ,  The size of the place I’ve given you there. I’ve ripped you out in blinding  pain , Dirty nails , lust and Shame ,
The first time I was Vulnerable to you. I said I love you.  I fell blindly. Unaware Of the consequences
i gave my entire heart and every drop of my soul to make you accept me for me but i wasn't enough to keep so i became a different person to fit into your mold but you didn't like what i gave
It used to be  just you and me. There was no other way  that we could see,  til you dropped a bomb You went on you're way. 
Inside its my regret I wish time came with a reset
All the broken glass in my heart Collide to make a piece of art I stick and glue and leave it out
Still numb.  Nothing seems real. From the moment I sat down. My rapid heart beat still haunts me. The nervous breathes I took.
I was young and in love  Head over heels  Caught up in the bliss  Sacrificed everything  It was good until it wasn't  6 months later he was gone  We tried and we tried  We fought 
First comes a heart, as pure as streaming waters. So daring and content, with Nature´s wonders.   Next comes a brain. As sensitive as it seems, it is the enemy of all.
I was safe in your armsI ignored the alarmsI felt safe in your sightTurned my face from the lightBut your promises fell throughThough you said to trust you.I was lost in your storm
  3- the years of my life I spent wishing I could forget him 2- the years I’ve been in a relationship recovering 1- the number of men it took to ruin my life.  
I love you they say with a sand paper smile Guess I love you’s can’t stretch out more than a mile I love you they say with a glint in their eye but I love you’s aren’t meant to make us both cry
i know i’m broken. please don’t remind me. i have demons too— but they hide behind me. you broke my heart. you got what you wanted— to rid myself of the thought of you; i tore my mind apart.
she’s a— hard luh nigga. that’s what i liked about her. but she got a soft little heart— when she didn’t let her mind get the best of her. 
Hour by hour in the light of day and all night long My bruised mind with horde of thoughts run riot before my eyes Shadowy phantoms fill my brain then break loose and my imagination go haywire
When you are having a really great day And you want your hair to sway Cause there are birds chattering The flowers are blooming The sun is shining And everyone is singing imaginatively
I stand in front of the mirror.. And put on some moisturizer.. It makes my skin soft and smooth.. Just the way I want my life to be..
So many things I be want to slur So many thoughts I want to want to ask as time dies I keep it to myself, that is the best way to protect those around If I said everything that came to mind id be shipped off to a island,
Alluring Rare Talented
The Crown On My Head   Can I touch It?                                                             Is It Real? You should straighten It.
I've been so lost lately and I don't know what to do anymore. Do I just wing it and not care anymore? Do I not love anymore? Because I'm at this point in my life where I feel like I really won't love anyone again.
     Here I am, dripping with insignificance again. Pretending like I matter when someone else's life is tattered, and I'm acting like these shattered piece can't be put back together. Truth is, they can be; with love.
You had your shoe  I had mine  I tried to walk with your shoes on Then i changed the shoes And did it again and again My shoes are lost now and i found myself searching for them 
Look at me By:ThePoetLexi Close your eyes and envision the perfect you. Medium sized soft lips with thin perfectly arched eyebrows
I gave him my all But in the end, my all wasn't enough I stood by his side through everything The rumors, the arguments, the fights  
Ode: (n.) a poem meant to be sung Hands touch, hearts jump, all of my senses start to go numb. Love strikes, arrows fly, how did he make me become so shy.
You may see The BeastBut all I see is Beauty You may see scarsBut I see are untold stories Stories that were written on s
I soak in your spirit during the day It lingers on my skin all night Running from your words I take flight But they beg me to stay Despite my better thought I dwell in your pain
Beautiful Yet Not You are so beautiful Yet you are not. When I get to close you sting me You are like a rose, I try to pick you Yet your thorns sting me. You are not You can be a monster
My dearest friend You illuminate the universe in a way Not even the brightest ray of sunshine Could ever fulfill every smile you created for me
although, hes capable of forming the most beautiful of galaxies hes more intrigued by destruction instead, of creating stars that go on for miles spreading light amogst the sky
I finally let it all out and poured it over you. All the insecurities and doubts you put be through. You get to see them, No, you need to see them. You saw them tonight, And you excepted your mistakes 
boys like you don't like girls like me I'll put my feelings first and set myself free   I'll bite your neck and kiss you slow grab your hand put on a show  
I was Young and dumb And I wrote in permanent ink.
it hurts. the type of pain that devours you seeing him with another jealousy, your worst enemy
Failure is something i hate failure adds pain to my sorrows pain adds hurt to myself hurt destroys me from the inside i had recently failed i had recently felt pain
All I have to do is follow Follow this girl I wish I could be  Follow the trends I always see I did not know it was wrong to just be me I guess life gets difficult if you decide to grow on your own
I used to miss you. Mostly your body and the way you moved. But now all I can remember about you is your sour tone and the way you used to put me down. I used to miss you, but now you are nothing at all.
I picked you up glistening, fresh out of the box. The smell of fresh leather "gazelle" gilded in gold across your stripes. Fitting like a glove I loved you the instant my eyes met yours.
I've never been one for second best Always striving to be the apple of an eye So I look for the best in people But, I look to deep and see souls cry They're hurting not for external reason
What do you want out of life What do you believe in In which ways are you percieved in But this is my life  So what really makes me  How much will break me  How will I really survive.
Is that what I perceive or is it just a matter of imagination ?Is that what my soul and the pound in my chest representsz?I am just a representation of myself in different colors created by my thoughts.
He met her when you met him. Drowned in the world of love  never looking back. Noticing a crack, in whom a heart brake. Eye to eye Wings to fly High in the night sky Goodbye.
Beauty is everywhere In the seas, in the skies. Just stand infront of a mirror And open your eyes. Beauty is right there evertime.       
I AM bad in a way that entices,  And good in a way that comforts.  I AM mischief but then, I AM the warmth in your home.
"Did you see me calling?", you say I have an excuse for everything, you hate that "There must be another reason for this, you not picking up the phone"...you say Maybe I just want to be alone
You told me to delete your number I did that The fact that we stopped talking Ended up with us walking Away from each other But I didn't care one way or another It was over
I saw her, standing there   She looked lost, lonely, and scared   She didn’t like to be around people  
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