Don't Fear

Is that what I perceive or is it just a matter of imagination ?
Is that what my soul and the pound in my chest representsz?
I am just a representation of myself in different colors created by my thoughts.

The colors are matters of imagination that can seem to be good or bad or bright or gloomy.

We are the ones who decide if our existence will be colorful in any manner 

The sky will be blue  and the ocean is true

We will see the right ones as if we knew them for ages 

We will decide that something is right at the correct and destined pace 

Dont forget to appreciate the days that we have and the days that you had 

Remember that we are only getting older and that Carbon is decaying 

Make your dreams set high for you to not know why 

You will be motivated to motivate your dreams to set themselves higher or else you will attain them without thought

This is the right way to keep yourself from the worst of worst which is fear 

Fear is what destroys all productivity 

Fast and easily spread feeling with no end once it has began

Stop the dear fear before it truly becomes dear fear

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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