So many things I be

So many things I be want to slur

So many thoughts I want to want to ask as time dies

I keep it to myself, that is the best way to protect those around

If I said everything that came to mind id be shipped off to a island,

by myself stranded to die

If I said everything I wanted to say most of the time,

I would have came off the wrong way

If I said everything that came to mind id be ranting

For the rest of time

If I wasn’t who I am today the love I have in my heart would have gone away.

Im me and i’m happy with me but are you happy with who you are if your judging me?

Do you doubt who you wanna be, how you express yourself and take it out on me?

Or am I just unlikable after a while cause ive always been this way and it always made you smile,

always made you laugh always made you giggle

Maybe sometimes things won’t always be that simple

I try to please everyone and do alil bit of both,

Be myself and be a ghost but still unhappy is what I am and when a little bit of myself comes out it’s like “ Damn” ,

“why you act like that,” “be yaself”.  Then I realize myself I am don’t be alil bit of both be you.

Trying to please people either way has me feeling like a glue no longer I tell myself and this I mean.

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