Look at me

Look at me


Close your eyes and envision the perfect you.

Medium sized soft lips with thin perfectly arched eyebrows

beautiful bright hazel eyes that melts like warm caramel

shorter in height with a fine shape that guys adore

What about long, flowing soft curly hair that doesn't get tangled every time

your body hits the humidity of outside?

Are you intelligent in everything? A know it all?

Do guys want you in every aspect, and their mouths water over the thought of being

able to touch you?

Do girls marvel over the thought of wanting to be your friend?

Do you have that one gorgeous butterfly tattoo that sits on your shoulder?

While another spirals down your side?

Or is this what society tries to depicit into the minds of females?

Why do we have to change our appearance to meet societys standards?

Are we not already beautiful beings with intelligent minds already?

Despite our flaws or rather or not we are good at something

I used to struggle with finding the missing piece of me called self-love

A hint of self-acceptance was humorous to me and I laughed at the

thought of ever finding myself beautiful

Cuts, bruises, and scars covered my skin and my heart with disgust

I couldn't bare to look at myself.. and for the longest.. love myself

Despite it all.. Look at me now

I am proud of my mind and accomplishments

Love centers me and shields me from any self-hatred

I conquered the demons that tore away at my sweet soul 

and I created a beautiful music that I love to listen to

I found who I am and I am proud of it..

And you should be too

Look at me now

If you can see me, then you can see you

Accept yourself just the way you are because despite what society says..


This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world



That poem was amazing...keep going!!


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