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"HEART OF A MAN" Even though rock cracks. And the heart of ordinary man easily cut, but an extraordinary man's mind hardly perverse. My heart is fixed #c9_fm
Look up to the sky friends, Can you see the coming end? Red rock falling from the sky, Hidden by flames, beautiful disguise. Say your last prayer, beg for eternity; The unlikelyhood no longer worries me.
The sinews of my soul have been messily dissected By the unsteady, wavering hand of depression Each tender nerve frays as it’s carelessly bisected
They all follow you Like puppies Quite frankly I cannot see this Infatuation But so many Judge on looks We both know How you turned out You were famous Crazing the crowds
They all follow you Like puppies Quite frankly I cannot see this Infatuation But so many Judge on looks We both know How you turned out You were famous Crazing the crowds
Sissy-fits pushed his rock around the hallways. He pushed his rock around his home  Sissy-fits pushed and pushed and pushed his rock.  His rock never felt at home. His rock always needed to be moved.
Calloused hands Strings of Gold In three bands (or so I’m told)   Jet Black Studs Turquoise Hair
Am I really the same person as I was a couple years ago? This new person I see in the mirror tells me different I wouldn’t say that I blossomed physically into change
A rock star That's what they call you The thick , oozing fame gushing from your pores You care for it  (Not at all)  Your true priority is blatant Save the children Save the art
Dear  Undeniable Love,   She was a tainted young flower who lived in Buckhead Pearls and diamonds hide her scars and fears
I am rock, alone in the sea, cemented in sad are others like me; We are not dead, nor alive, From such captivity I can't contrive?
the Burning Trail In the burning valley, under burning skies, There lay a burning trail, burning old and frail. The whistling wind, humid and hot, Makes the twisting path even harder to climb.
Around age thirteen, freshman year is where life began for me Rising up from my cocoon so that the world would take notice of my identity I was quiet but passionate, Reserved but determined
Pop, the leader of the age, Confined in today's mainstream cage, Who's designed to give what the masses want While every station encourages her flaunt.   Rock, the rebel, born of rage,
theres alot of things that makes life hard sometimes you just get them days when i get them day i like to get lost not in the woods  nor the mind but actually the music that hits you inside  
After a long day filled with sorrow My body aches while I wish to sleep until tomorrow And I search for anything to lift me from this low   Thunder and lightning threaten to strike
Rock means nothing anymore, every artist a corperate whore. The gig is fucking twenty quid, policed by bullies in high viz. Organisers think its grand, snatching money from your hand.
On the Island deserted there are many rocks, I’m sure But none of them is this one. This one isn’t from the Island. This one I already had.
You are the Most High You take and you give.
You can't see the part of me I'm most proud of. The part of me that got up and said, "I can do this." The part of me that want's to be shown off to everyone. This part of me is only seen a few times a year.
You reached for my hand to pull me up To the very top so I could see All the mountains and beautiful greenery.  I had never done a thing so dangerous.   As I looked out over the small mountain town,
The Wind leads through the woods the forest is silent, over the hills comes the glorious sun rise   Music spreads through the air the heart is consumed with love
Life is like a 30 foot rock wall.  There are certain designated routes,  some easy, some hard. There are big rocks and small rocks. Rocks that look like popcorn, and rocks that look like bananas
A craggy mountain Veiws are no longer askew A worthwhile journey
Music on everywhere I go, mostly hip hop and rock and roll Music on when I go to sleep, even when I wake up when I hit the streets From Eminem to ACDC, I listen to more music than the flat screen TV
Arise, arise Caesar said, as he addressed his troubled nation. You all agree that mighty Rome, is in need of a new foundation. For nor you or I can dignify, the recent struggling peace,
The sweeping sounds cascade out of the stage Bouncing around the room, Mixing with the cushioned chairs And the old-people smell.   The brass blasts out a baleful melody
I wish I was in my own head Where I am standing now On something where I have no dread A rock that will not fall That is tall Encompasses all As my feet continue to tread
So it's like this intoxicating rhythm, this passion beyond belief That encompasses every fiber of existence in this room. It feels  like a heartbeat or like some thrashing exotic beast
How odd this is To describe oneself in simple words Or forget and stare at birds A Positively Open Emotional Message Will allow me to speak my mural We’re quite alike in many ways We cried just yesterday
They say A small stream carved The Grand Canyon Maybe that's why I'm so afraid of water Crumble (you're tired)
Why have we given up on the little things? Shooting stars that filled our hearts with magic. Classic rock that filled our minds with madness. Now we spend more cash to spend more time on our asses.
You’re on a rock. You don’t know how you got there or maybe you do; regardless your there. You might’ve faced a great tragedy you can’t accept, or just a great dilemma you can’t figure out a solution to.
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