Rockn' About


How odd this is
To describe oneself in simple words
Or forget and stare at birds
A Positively Open Emotional Message
Will allow me to speak my mural
We’re quite alike in many ways
We cried just yesterday
Kicked around, thrown away
Not considered by the words we say
I’ve traveled vast distances
Australia, Europe or even New Orleans
Quietly sitting, waiting for someone to say cheese!
My superiors get all the attention
Mountains; Strong, Tall, Everlasting structures
Not remembering it’s because of me that they stand
And at the end I get chipped off like a strand

I fell off a chair today
A human picked me up I must say
He used a magnifying glass to admire my treasure
Delight made me as light as a feather
For once I felt like I would have the love that I longed
Then I was set in a store that read Pawn

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