Ballad of True Love

Dear  Undeniable Love,


She was a tainted young flower who lived in Buckhead

Pearls and diamonds hide her scars and fears

The daughter of a governor, her mind was foggy

Her eyes held unshed tears


He was a smart boy who lived in the ghetto

His heart wanted love that was pure

Tattooed arms, legs and chest

The son of a robber, his mind was clear


Lingering around the door of the dean's office

Her hazel eyes seeming unfocused and dazed

He leaned into her and whispered,

"The drugs are making you look crazed."


Her mind wandered to the devil himself

"You don't understand my need for escape."

The horrible things that happened after dark

Mentally and Physically broken, the drugs were her tape


Dressed like a princess and he like a butler

They communicated with their eyes

Feeling alone in a room full of people thinking

"I will no longer wear my disguise."


She walked among the aisles of the books

Waiting for him to show

"I need it now," she mumbled.

He looked at her as if to say "no."


They made plans for a better life

Their love will carry them along

Saying goodbye to loneliness and sadness

They started the lyrics to their own song


~ Gabrielle S. Beasley









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