Lukewarm Avidity

Calloused hands

Strings of Gold

In three bands

(or so I’m told)


Jet Black Studs

Turquoise Hair

With heat, my face floods

As I catch his stare


What about me

Warrants this?

Bursting with glee

Epitome of bliss


I open my mouth

To say something devout-

Ly profound

But all that tumbles out


Are you from around



I would’ve remembered

My heart, you’ve dismembered



My knees are shaking

In my boots I'm quaking

I just want to sink

Into a neon pink

Vat of goo

Because that’s what you’ve reduced me to


I guess we’ll always have

Two parts of a whole, a half

Of that pick

I’m getting sick


Because of your taste

In music (my face?)

I’m just gonna assume

You want me

In your room

Because that’s where we met

Hear the “you, ready set”

And we’ll just listen

To him, maybe tears will glisten

As we hear his prose,

You’re reaching into your guitar case- a rose?

For me?

Yes, you’re the only flower that I see

It is your soul that sets my music free

Well aren't you poetic

You sure do match the aesthetic

Of a hardcore punk rocker

Well isn't this a shocker

While your muses scream

You absolutely beam

While your hands are hard and rough

Your heart and smile’s soft as fluff

I think we’re thinking the exact same thing

As our voices blend in harmony, in unison we sing

Why don’t we do this again soon?

We will meet again under the glow of the moon





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