30 Feet Small

Life is like a 30 foot rock wall. 

There are certain designated routes, 

some easy, some hard.

There are big rocks and small rocks.

Rocks that look like popcorn,

and rocks that look like bananas

To conquer a route, 

one must follow the path.

You can choose to deviate,

but you never feel quite as satisfied. 

When you reach the top,

you have a sense of victory,

no matter how small.

And then you repel down and choose a new route. 

Sometimes though,

you don't make it to the top.

You loose you grip, 

or your foot slips. 

and you fall.

But there is always someone there to catch you

and put you back on track.

You might try a thousand times,

and never reach the top of that path.

But thats ok. 

Because there are always new routes,

and life doesnt stop when you do. 

Just keep climbing. 

And maybe, just maybe

You will get a better grip the next time

and your foot wont slip.

And that same person

will always be ready to catch you.

So you climb. 


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