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I’ll never leave the fantasy of The life I’ve always wanted: A bird become free, as I can see; Yet is a world never imparted.  
When I was a little girl Pain was like a friend of mine. It played with me on merry-go-rounds. It slid with me on slides. It was my shadow on hot summer days.
When I was a little girl Pain was like a friend of mine. It played with me on merry-go-rounds. It slid with me on slides. It was my shadow on hot summer days.
Blossoming remorse Sage scented lies Blank minds begging to be divorced from themselves Discouraged by the aroma of the room.   Declining souls mourn for deciphering 
Oh, sweet liberty. The graphite scratches along, so now I am free.   Free to feel all things Liberated emotions My heart holds no rules.   Thank you, poetry,
Words tied to my feet, Weighing me down while I leave a trace. A trace no one will follow, but I lead. I look back at the mess I made and see a pool of tears I had left that were caused by these words.
Quiet and unsure, Shaking and scared   With a stutter so obscure The words wouldn't come out   They asked again,
Freedom, Freedom is great, But freedom is just a word. That never goes unheard. Freedom is a noun, But it's also just a sound.
Take me to the world where there is peace all around  The world which has no bounds Where no one hounds The only surface covered with love Where hate is no longer a word
Past she took the face of her palms  and lifted them to the lonely cloud wishing, hoping for even a drop to kiss her hand to, tell her it will be okay believing it was only for her
Dictating our lives, with his unending prejudice. Still fighting for peace. 
Thank you, sir, for your service. You changed the world for so many. You help to give us the right to deciede. You made love obtainable for so many again. The red, white, and blue
Dear Home,   Every time, I march out the front doors of the airport, Gazing over the crowd of families, Tears trickle down my cheeks,
Driver required / for destination undefined. / With the mind being the vehicle of choice / and fantasy fueling the dreams and the voice / on the venture to discover the greatest of joys.
Dear Depression,   You pretended to be my friend. Pretended that nobody else loved me except for you.   Don’t you know you suffocate me?
My Overalls by Jasmine Exinia   Dark blue jeans Minnie on the pocket Skechers lighting up when she stomps Little girl in overalls just having fun
What was once said to me ? Constantly to the ear, in whispers and sighs?
I'm leaving home for the first time. And it's kinda scary, I don't know what I'm up against. There's a future I can call mine, Out in a great big world Where I'm on my own, without friends.  
Once upon a time I would have said "no" but I wasn't in control, and I never was in control. Because when you pinned me down in the cold dungeon you call a bedroom, there was no escape.
                                                   I want to fly Like a bird in the sky I want to roar Like a lion in the civil war
Land of gold A workers paradise That's what we stood for Working hard with all our might   People from all over the precious globe Trying to start a new They knew it would not be easy
O say can you see What our country could be? What so proudly we hailed Has been desperately assailed. Founded on freedom's hope Now we can barely cope With racism and debt,
America, the beautiful. You have burned your amber waves, Belonging to young girls who were told they would never be beautiful. You have locked them up in caves.
What is good and tasteful? Is it to follow what has been force-fed to me? If so, tell me please Is my kind evil and disgraceful? Were We more fit as slaves of your ideals? What is true beauty to an African in America, is as vision to a blind man. 
Look how beautiful she is. Look at her dress, how it shines in the light. Look at her nails, painted just right. Look at her hair full of diamonds and gold.
Rising and falling History on repeat  Bombs and endless wars We all must always compete Fighting to the death Living to the brink Fathers holding guns Mothers burying sons
Trapped on an island and rotting inside The world is cruel and I despise The raft I built is standing strong It has to get me to where I belong The fish are leaving so I must too
Land of the free home of the brave Try and say it at Trayvon's grave
America— The wonder of the West. The country when, at its worst, is the best. America, everyone’s dream destination, Tell me, what is destined for our nation?   The American Dream has become a nightmare.
Where in this land does the freedom reign? State of the nation?  More like power and separation The separation that the parties teach To hate one another, Instead of appreciate each other
Religious freedom you ask? You must've heard it from the settlers. Who dares question my right to believe? We must've fought for our freedom not yours.   I am a prouduct of immigrants.
What’s the first thing you think of When you hear America? Is it freedom? Or do you think of corruption?   They say it’s the home of the free
Visualization is all I see I visualize us of being free Tears and shawdows of all the dark dreams Maybe I just want us to be alive and free. Being who you are and remaining true 
  “you want black tea?” bitterness curled like steam through frozen tendrils of air.
Breathin’ in, I know I’m breathin’ in;Breathin out, I know I’m breathin’ out;I do not seek the doubt, I’m freedom bound;But the pain inside’s got me feelin’ down;Please give me the love of Jesus now;
I will hold you. For the sake of the rivers I swam to love you, I will hold you.   I will hold you, I know; forever. As that is the way of loving someone.   I will hold you, yes.
And at last- I am breathing.   It is labored and it mourns what could have been,   but- I am breathing. And you are no longer my oxygen.
In the wonders of my mind I've been lost for many years,  Without a doubt or a fear  I am completely me  
Feel the cold against your skin, The want of something warm to burrow in, Today wasn’t a good day, was it?   I know you want to hide,
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