What I need to Forget

Words tied to my feet,

Weighing me down while I leave a trace.

A trace no one will follow, but I lead.

I look back at the mess I made and see a pool of tears I had left that were caused by these words.

Dragging these words made the day seem longer and heat sure doesn't help

I throw in the weights of these words that draggedon my feet in the my pool of tears,

allowing myself to sink down with it.

But the deeper I went and the lack of air I had made me realize how much I lovw the surface

How much I love to breath my own existence,

no matter how the words left bruises on my ankles and scars on m back

I choose to remember these words.

I choose a path that I didn't want to follow.

I needed to forget the words that cut up my heart and remember the ones that held it so

I need to remember these words that will untie these weights and bring me back uo to breath again.

I need to forget...so I can remember to breath again.


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