Driver Required



Driver required / for destination undefined. / With the mind being the vehicle of choice / and fantasy fueling the dreams and the voice / on the venture to discover the greatest of joys. / The precondition: the vehicle must stand in decent condition, / able to withstand any collision, able to fullfill any ambition / pure from stereotypes and mental blights. / Reward : Freedom. / For more information, take a look around you. /  Because we've been living inside these walls for so long, / we are giving in to the pressure of being surrounded by them, / despite us wanting to be free. / The walls of your house. / The walls of society. / The walls of your nation. / All surrounding you. / Don't raise walls inside your mind,too. / Let yourself fly above the infinite mental sky. / And don't forget. / That's freedom.     

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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