The Real State of the Nation

Where in this land does the freedom reign?

State of the nation?  More like power and separation

The separation that the parties teach

To hate one another, Instead of appreciate each other

I look at my brother, his chances are smothered

No way to escape this burden that covers

Where has the compassion gone?

How many times have the suits done wrong?

Corps own the press, they lie to their best

Spreading fake news, their power abused

What are we to do in a country so approved,

Approved by bankers and liars that put up this ruse

To never work as hard as you and I,

Getting all of your funds they never have to try

Why do I critique this nation that I live in?

I'm just a native San Diegan trying to get a say in

Many things about this country are right

The working people, the honest people, together we fight

But many things we want this country to change

Never fear to speak your mind till governments rearrange

Lower the taxes

Take the money outta politics

No one should pay for laws only workers have to live with

All the power companies, so generous with their money

They take it from their pockets and give to campaign fundings

Enough with the madness, this is where it starts

Giving the voice to the people

Not the corps that harm.



This poem is about: 
My country


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