I can be free


I want to fly

Like a bird in the sky

I want to roar

Like a lion in the civil war

The war I fight

And I might

Win for your life and mine

Because time has not been fine

Some people have crossed the line

Times has flied

But everything put aside

I remember it like it was yesterday

When I didn't get a pay

I don't deserve it

But I think time has changed a bit

The day has come

Like a massive drum

A music to our ears

With so much cheers

I play a song

Just like  Louis  Armstrong

I know that I strong

And I know where I belong

I am an American

I fly like a white pelican


I am a free woman

They call airmen

I am educated

That is not translated

I am who I am

I don't needed an exam



This poem is about: 
My country
Our world


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