Rain (reign) of No Justice


she took the face of her palms 

and lifted them to the lonely cloud

wishing, hoping for

even a drop to

kiss her hand

to, tell her it will

be okay

believing it was

only for her

but, it wasn't



i can see the rain fall

through my clouded pupils

i feel the saltiness caress my face

in every way

it feels like 


believing it is

only for me

but, it isn't



the rain they love so dearly

for their reasons only

falls carefully from the sky

and from their eyes

it keeps them safe

it helps them dare

to jump in the puddle

or twirl under

the grey sky

or dance to the

music that pounds in their ears

and in their heart

the rain falling

the clouds crying

the smell of pavement

shading a darker color

they feel it will only be for them

all of it

but, it won't be

it will never be their's

because they

will never be free


i can only hope now

that it'll be okay



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